5 basic garments for a woman's wardrobe

17 March 2023

5 basic garments for a woman's wardrobe

5 basic garments for a woman's wardrobe

Are you tired of trying to build looks and not knowing what to combine? We understand and that's why throughout this blog we're going to let you know 5 basic garments for the female wardrobe.

Although, every woman knows well the feeling of opening the wardrobe, coming across lots of clothes and still not knowing what to wear, almost none of them understand why this happens, believing, most of the times, that they have simply worn those garments too many times and therefore, they don't like to see themselves with them anymore. But, is that really it?

Well, we tell you it isn't. What happens, most of the time, is that although we have a lot of clothes in our wardrobe, we don't know what to wear because we've simply been buying the wrong garments all this time.

Yes, when buying any garment, we should try to understand how we are going to fit and combine it with the other garments in our wardrobe.

NIn this sense, there are some basic garments that are worth investing in and we should always count on in our wardrobe. This way, building amazing looks becomes a much quicker and easier process.

mulheres em fundo branco

5 essentials you can't miss in your wardrobe

So, what we have to show you next are some basic and easy to combine garments that you should always include in your wardrobe.

In this sense, we've selected some specific garments, available in our online shop, so that you can start updating your wardrobe right now.

Let's get to it?

1. Basic T-shirts 

As the first option of basic garments for a woman's wardrobe, we have a basic that everyone knows and loves: basic t-shirts.

Besides being super comfortable, basic t-shirts combine easily with various other garments, adapting quickly to different occasions.

So, if your goal is to create a look for your everyday home-work life, you can easily combine a basic white, black, patterned or coloured t-shirt with jeans or shorts.

mulher com t-shirt da dickies branca e verde e lilás e branca em fundo branco

A great option in these cases is the Dickies Sodaville t-shirt.

Besides being super cute, this t-shirt is available in our online shop in white and green and in white and lilac.


On the other hand, if you have a more formal appointment and the moment calls for a more elegant outfit, you can always combine a basic white t-shirt with some neutral shorts and some jewellery to add that touch of elegance you need, for example.

outfit de mulher com t-shirt calç~oes anel brincos e colar em fundo branco

The Puma Dare To Cropped Relaxed t-shirt is the ideal basic garment for different occasions.


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2. Denim Jackets

Another universal garment, super versatile and easy to wear in different seasons, are the denim jackets.

Besides matching virtually any look, these jackets are a garment that transmits a lot of attitude, freedom and posture.

mulher com casaco de ganga da levis em fundo branco

The Levis Original Trucker jacket is proof of the versatility of this model. Comfortable, simple and above all mega stylish, this jacket is, without a doubt, one of the basic garments for the female wardrobe.

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3. White sneakers

Now, let's talk about footwear. Let's talk to you about the importance of having at least one pair of white sneakers in your wardrobe.

So, we all know that simple and basic footwear is the best friend of the most extravagant looks, right? Also, regardless of whether you choose to wear patterned, colourful or plain clothes, one thing is for sure: white sneakers look good with everything and will always be your number one choice.

sapatilhas brancas de mulher em fundo branco

The Lacoste Women's Carnaby Platform, Gant Alincy, Lacoste Women's L002 and Liu Jo Kylie models are exactly the proof. Simple and highly casual, these sneakers models allow you to combine the same footwear with different looks and on different occasions..


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4. Rings

Now, let's talk about accessories.

So, having some accessories is essential to build irreverent looks and full of elegant details. So, for us, one of the basic pieces for the female wardrobe are the rings.

Besides making all the difference, especially in your most basic looks, rings are an accessory that matches easily with any garment.

mulher com aneis em fundo branco

buy ydilic MAGIC UNION GOLD ring


buy MAGIC GLOW GOLd ring



YDILIC's Shine Bright Gold, Chunky Elegant Gold, Magic Glow Gold, Ydeal Magic Gold and Magic Union Gold rings are proof. Whether you are passionate about accessories, gold, silver or like to mix the two, in our online shop you will find a wide variety of rings that promise to give a style boost to your most basic looks.

5. Sunglasses

Finally, we will also talk about an accessory, but in this case we will talk about the importance of sunglasses.

Although some women don't value sunglasses in their outfits, the truth is that these are undoubtedly one of the basic garments for the female wardrobe.

óculos de sol da vans em fundo banco


The Cutley Shades sunglasses by Vans are the example of one of the sunglasses models you should contain in your wardrobe.

Complete your style

Finally, and now that you know what, for us, are the basic garments for a woman's wardrobe, tell us: do you already have all these garments in your wardrobe?

If not, what are you waiting for to update your wardrobe and make your look creation process faster and easier?

Don't waste any more time, visit our online shop and discover all the other options of basic garments we have for you.

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