Christmas gifts: Still don't know what to give?

14 December 2022

Christmas gifts: Still don't know what to give?

Christmas gifts: Still don't know what to give?

We are in the Christmas season and so the time has come to gain inspiration, analyse the tastes and needs of those closest to us and start choosing the Christmas gifts.

Although it may seem like an easy task, deciding what to offer as a gift to someone is, for many, a complicated task.

So, we've decided to give you a hand and leave you with some Christmas gift ideas that promise to surprise anyone.

Let's see the suggestions we have for you:

The best Christmas gifts for her

From sneakers and boots to the trendiest clothes, there are plenty of options of gifts for women that you can find in our online shop.

Although the decision to choose is difficult, we know that after you know our top 4 gifts for this Christmas, it will be much easier for you to choose.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Sneakers

sapatilhas all star brancas

As a first gift suggestion for her, we have the most classic model from Converse: the Chuck Taylor All Star High.

So, if her goal is to keep a super trendy wardrobe, with essentials that promise to make a difference whatever the occasion, then these sneakers are the ideal Christmas gift for her.

On the other hand, if she already has some, how about giving her a new pair in that colour that she loves? From the basic models, white and black, to the red one, there are plenty of colours available in this model.


Dr. Martens Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots

mulher com botas dr martens pretas

Surprise her with a gift she won't be expecting!

Offer her the most iconic boots of street style, the Dr. Martens. With a daring platform and the yellow stitching so characteristic of the brand, the Dr. Martens Jadon Smooth Leather Platform promise to highlight any outfit.

So, are you still left in doubt?


Levis Ex-Boyfriend Sherpa Trucker Jacket

mulher com casaco de ganga levis

Now, let's talk about clothes and one of the biggest brands in the fashion world: Levis.

So, the suggestion that we have to present you is the Ex-Boyfriend jacket from Levis. A winter essential that we're sure she'll like.


Lacoste Petit Bag

bolsa preta da lacoste

However, if she loves accessories then she's sure to love getting the coolest bag around: the Lacoste Petit.

Simple, roomy and super stylish, this is surely one of the Christmas gifts she'll most enjoy receiving, don't you think?


Christmas gifts for him

Vem daí… Now, it's his turn!

For different tastes, ages and styles, the suggestions of Christmas gifts for men that we have to present you promise to add a bit more magic to anyone's Christmas.

Whether it's your better half, your secret friend, your father or your brother, here you'll be able to find the best gift ideas for the whole family.

Come on over...

New Balance M2002 Sneakers

sapatilhas de homem new balance azuis com logo branco

One of the most sought after and a desired brand of the moment is, without a doubt, New Balance.

So, how about surprising him with one of the sneakers that has been winning hearts the most?

Do you think he will be able to handle such a gift?


New Balance XC-72 Sneakers

sapatilhas de homem new balance cinzentas

Still about New Balance we have the XC-72 sneakers.

Despite being presented in different colour combinations, this model promises to match easily with different looks and styles.

In this case, do you think he prefers the simpler ones or the more colourful ones?


Fred Perry Hoodie Jacket

homem com casaco preto da fred perry

When it comes to clothes, we think he will love to receive a classic that promises to accompany him throughout several winters, do you agree?

So, how about giving him a Fred Perry Hoodie jacket? Simple by its cut and easy to match by its colour, this jacket is without a doubt one of the Christmas gifts that any man wishes to receive.


Tommy Hilfiger NY Zero Gravity Down Monogram Jacket

homem com casaco com padrão azul, vermelho e branco

Still on the subject of jackets, how about surprising him with one of the trendiest models of today?

Yes, the NY Zero jacket by Tommy Hilfiger is the ideal garment to highlight any look in any occasion.

Trust us, this jacket will be one of the best Christmas gifts he will receive!


Nixon 51-30 Chrono Watch

relógio de homem nixon preto com boyoes dourados

On the other hand, if you want to give him a useful accessory for any time of the year then the Nixon 51-30 Chrono watch is the ideal gift.

A simplistic watch capable of adding the touch of elegance that any look needs.

Black, gold or gold and black. Which do you think he'll like the most?


Christmas gifts for the little ones

One thing is for sure: kids love Christmas.

So, how about surprising them with that present they asked Santa for so much?

Get to know the suggestions of Christmas gifts for the little ones that we have selected for you.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Pro CR7 J FG Football Boots

chuteitas de criança nike azuis e brancas

If he's a football fan or just loves Cristiano Ronaldo then he's almost certainly asked you for these football boots.

Inspired by the look of Portuguese tiles, these are the football boots that have been winning many hearts, especially those of the little ones.


New Balance PC574 Sneakers

sapatilhas de criança new balance azuis com logo branco

Still in the footwear context, but this time with a different functionality, we present you the New Balance PC574.

Besides being a classic for any style, these sneakers are the ideal option for the added comfort that the little ones' feet demand.

Which do you think will be the colour he'll like the most?


Nike Manoa Boots

botas de criança nike beges

Boots, boots, boots: the footwear that their feet ask for the most this winter.

Besides being warm, comfortable and super easy to clean, the Nike Manoa boots are also the secret for the little ones' great style, can you believe it?


Ugg Bailey Bow II Boots

botas de criança ugg em menina com calças pretas

If she is vain and already follows the coolest items of today then she has already told you about Ugg.

Comfortable, warm and super fashionable, the Ugg Baley boots promise not only to warm your little one's feet but also to turn her outfits into the trendiest mini outfits.


The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Kids Jacket

menino com casaco azul, verde e vermelho da the north face

You won't be able to resist giving it to them and they won't be able to resist receiving it. We're talking about the 1996 Retro Nuptse jacket for kids from The North Face.

Besides being super warm and comfortable, this jacket is the ideal garment to add colour to the most basic looks of both boys and girls.


The moment of choosing: have you decided what to give?

Finally, after so many suggestions, have you already made your Christmas gift choices? We want to believe so.

However, we also know that there are those family members or friends who are a bit more demanding and choosing a gift for them is not an easy task at all.

Therefore, we leave you with one last suggestion, which promises to solve your indecision in those cases: our gift card. This way, besides not running the risk of the person to whom you're going to give it to not liking the gift you've chosen, you'll also offer him/her the freedom of choice.


Well, after this one, we really want to believe that you have already chosen all your Christmas gifts.

Keep up the good shopping and ... Merry Christmas!

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