Father's Day: A special gift for a father without equal
Father's Day

14 March 2023

Father's Day: A special gift for a father without equal

Father's Day: A special gift for a father without equal

Father's day is coming up and, although every day is an opportunity to celebrate and show how much we love and need our fathers, March 19 is especially considered as the day to do so.

So, throughout this blog we want to leave you with some gift ideas to offer your father on this very special day. Gifts that will surprise him, whether he is a vain of first or a high competition athlete.

This way, we present you gift suggestions from some of the best brands in the world of fashion and sport.

Shall we go for it?

For the father who always likes to be fashionable

So, if your father likes to be always in fashion, it is certain that he will like to receive one of the latest launches of one of the biggest brands in the fashion world. Do you agree?

Well, we think so too. So, we leave you below some highlights from some of the leading brands in the fashion world, such as Gant, Fred Perry and Tommy Hilfiger.

Come along with us.


If besides walking with style from head to toe, your father also likes to stand out with some elegance, then what we have to suggest you are some footwear models from Gant.

Besides giving him the maximum comfort, Gant footwear also promises to add that touch of elegance that your father so much looks for.

sapatilhas gant em fundo branco

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Fred Perry

Still, if to complete his more casual style what your dad is really looking for is one of the most iconic brands in the fashion world, then nothing better than to offer him the well-known Fred Perry laurel wreath.

Between footwear, clothes and accessories, you can find several options of gifts in our online shop to offer your father this Father's Day.

homens com camisolas e t-shirts fred perry e acessórios em fundo banco

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Tommy Hilfiger

On the other hand, we have yet another suggestion for you. A brand that promises to make your father surpass all the limits of elegance: Tommy Hilfiger.

So, whether he needs a pair of sneakers more, is looking for a super stylish garment or simply likes accessories, in our online shop you will find several options of Tommy Hilfiger gifts for this Father's Day.

sapatilhas, camisola e carteira tommy hilfiger em fundo branco



If your father is one of those who loves to wear the crocodile on his chest everywhere he goes and for him there's no more elegant brand than Lacoste, then we have two things to tell you: first, he's not wrong and second, we really have many options of Lacoste gifts for you to give your father on Father's Day.

Sneakers, shirts, jackets, accessories, shorts... There are so many Lacoste options you can find in our online shop.

homem com camisola, calças, sapatilhas e acessórios lacoste em fundo branco

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More fashion tips

If you still want to know all the suggestions, from all the big brands in the fashion world, then click here.

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For sporty parents

Now, it's the turn of dads who love to play sports.

Whether your dad is a top athlete or not, the gift suggestions we have for this Father's Day promise to surprise anyone.


To start off on a great note, we start with one of the king brands when it comes to sports. We start with Nike.

So, no matter what sport your father does, if what he's really looking for is speed, performance and maximum control, then Nike products are the ideal option for him.

chuteiras, sapatilhas, luvas de guarda-redes e meias nike em fundo branco

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Adidas Performance

Still, if you already know your dad's tastes and you know he's a big fan of Adidas, then how about giving him one of the latest Adidas Performance?

From running shoes, football boots to goalkeeper gloves, there are plenty of options that you can find in our online shop to give him on Father's Day.

homem com casaco pretom chuteiras e sapatilhas adidas performance em fundo branco


New Balance

On the other hand, if pushing the limits of innovation and achieving maximum technology is one of his main goals, we think New Balance is the option.

Whether your dad's great passion is football, running or even trail running, in our online shop you'll find lots of options for New Balance gifts.

sapatilhas, chuteiras e leggings new balance em fundo branco



Finally, we finish our sports gifts suggestions with one of the biggest brands of running and trail trainers: Hoka.

So, if running is your dad's great passion, then we are sure that he will love to receive one of the Hoka trainers that we have available in our online shop.

sapatilhas hoka em fundo branco

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More sport tips

Still, if you want to know all the suggestions, from all the great brands in the world of sport, then click here.

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The choice

Finally, and after presenting you with so many gift suggestions to offer on Father's Day, can you tell us what will be your choice?

If you haven't chosen yet, we invite you to browse our online shop, where you can find many more suggestions beyond those we selected and presented above.

On the other hand, if you have already made your choice, then we are sure you have made a good one.

And you know, on this special date like Father's Day, don't forget to remind yours how much you love and need him. Then give him your present and remind him that a special present could only be for a unique father.

Happy Father's Day!

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