Heatspawn Pack: The new Adidas football boots

12 May 2023

Heatspawn Pack: The new Adidas football boots

Heatspawn Pack: The new Adidas football boots

With the great European competitions coming to an end and with all Europe waiting to meet its new champions, Adidas surprises us and launches the Heatspawn Pack.

Besides delivering great speed, comfort and precision, the Adidas Heatspawn Pack includes three of Adidas' main boot models: X Speedportal, Predator Accuracy and Copa Pure.

Thus, designed to score, accelerate and achieve a super perfect touch, this Pack presents us the three Adidas boot models in a new and dazzling combination of colours.

This way, orange will be, now, the colour that stars the collection that will fill with bright colours the feet of great footballers.

Predator Accuracy

Created in 1994, the Predator model by Adidas has been, since then, one of the boot models of choice of great football stars.

Although in 2015 the model lost some impact and suffered a discontinuation, what we didn't know is that it wasn't a total discontinuation but a 2-year delay, in which Adidas bet heavily on innovation and technology, so in 2017 the Predator came back and conquered its due and deserved place.

Still, the brand didn't stop there. More recently, already in 2023, through the Own Your Football pack, Adidas presents us with a new generation of its star model, which returns to the attack under the name "Predator Accuracy".

Thus, it is 30 years after the creation of the original Predator line that the new Predator Accuracy appears. The new Predator generation that aims at a reconnection with the initial and original purpose of the Predator model, putting elite strikers front and centre again.

Finally, Adidas continues to bet on the evolution of the model and presents us with its latest pack, the Heatspawn.

The Heatspawn Pack comes the second colourway of the Adidas Predator Accuracy, which promises to leave no one indifferent.

This way, the perfect shot is coloured with the colours of the brandís new pack and the bold orange of the model takes care of recognizing the Predator players from meters away.


X Speedportal

However, the launch of the new Heatspawn Pack not only brings us the new Predator Accuracy colourway, but also introduces us to the new collection of another of Adidas' star models: the X Speedportal.

Besides being the choice of the great Leo Messi, the X are much more than just a football boot. This is because, wearing the X Speedportal is to call attention, is to be different and not to be afraid of what others think or say. To wear X is to create chaos in different situations and, above all, to stand out.

On the other hand, the shade chosen by the brand to dye the upper of the speed silo of these boots makes the X philosophy more present than ever.


Copa Pure

Finally, we conclude with the third and last model of football boots that make up the Heatspawn Pack: the Copa Pure.

This way, the most classic Adidas silo is once again the most discreet of this collection.

For the Copa Pure, Adidas has chosen the fantastic champagne colour, a shade that the brand works with perfection and that inevitably reminds us of the now extinct Copa 20.1.


Increase intensity

Speed. Precision. Comfort. Perfect every part of your game with the new Heatspawn Pack.

Designed to score, accelerate and achieve a perfect touch, the new generations of the Adidas Predator Accuracy, X Speedportal and Copa Pure present us with a stunning new colour combination.

Come and discover the orange that promises to heat up the fields around the world and reaches the speed and success of the new X philosophy, the comfort and touch of the Copa Pure and the super colourful pass of the second colourway of the Predator Accuracy, which will leave no one indifferent! 🔥✌️

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