Top 12: Gifts for Mother's Day

02 May 2023

Top 12: Gifts for Mother's Day

Top 12: Gifts for Mother's Day

For you who are looking to surprise and congratulate your mom, on a day that is meant for all mothers in the world, at Bazar Desportivo x BZR Street Style we leave you 12 suggestions of gifts for Mother's Day.

This way, we believe that choosing the perfect gift for your mom won't be a complicated task at all.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated in Portugal every year on the first Sunday of May.

Although it is a day celebrated all over the world, its date varies according to the country.

Therefore, this date serves to celebrate and pay tribute to all mothers, by congratulating them and offering them gifts. 

And it is in this sense that throughout this blog we will present you the top 12 creative, original and super special gift suggestions for Mother's Day.

Follow us until the end of this blog and find out how to surprise and delight the most important woman in your life!

12 gift suggestions for Mother's Day

1. Lacoste Women's T-Clip Gum Sole Sneakers

First of all, we start with one of the most loved brands by mothers all over the world, as well as an essential piece to any woman's wardrobe. We're talking about the Women's T-Clip Gum Sole sneakers by Lacoste.

Besides being super comfortable, these Lacoste sneakers are the ideal footwear to boost any mom's style. The well-known crocodile logo along with the pink colour and yellow sole give any look the extravagant and highly stylish touch every woman desires.

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2. Verbenas Ruth Lato Slides

Still on the footwear wave, now we move on to the Verbenas Ruth Lato slides.

Besides being a highly elegant model and perfect for any woman's summer, these slides are available in two colours: beige and black.

You've already fallen in love with them too, right? It's understandable, since it's a really hard to resist model.

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3. Fred Perry Amy Polo Shirt

Now let's talk about clothes and to start we suggest you the Fred Perry Amy Polo.

A super stylish garment, highlighted by sublime details, such as the iconic laurel wreath of the brand and two mini red hearts on the left shoulder.

Besides matching easily with other garments, this Fred Perry polo shirt is a super feminine garment that can boost any mother's look.

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4. Fred Perry Open Mesh Dress

Still on clothing... We present you the Fred Perry Open Mesh dress.

Super feminine, cute and very very stylish. This dress in perforated mesh from Fred Perry is undoubtedly one of the best Mother's Day gift suggestions we have for you.

Besides matching easily with different looks, because of its black colour, this dress is a great option for the warmer days of Summer/Spring.

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5. Lacoste Women's Concept Tote Bag

Finally we move on to the accessories. This is because, which mother doesn't like to receive a good accessory on this very special day?

And to start, we suggest you a super useful accessory that every mother loves. Yes, we're talking about the Women's Concept Tote Bag by Lacoste.

Currently available in 5 different colours, this Lacoste bag is super spacious and ideal to complete any look.

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6. Lacoste Women's L.12.12 Detachable Shoulder Strap Shopping Bag

To finish our selection of bags for this Mother's Day, we present you a super cute model that will surely conquer the heart of any mother. We're talking about the Women's L.12.12 Detachable Shoulder Strap Shopping bag from Lacoste.

Available in black and pink, this bag is undoubtedly one of the accessories of choice for any woman who loves mini bags.

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7. Vans Westview Shades Sunglasses

Still on the accessories front, now we move on to the Vans Westview Shades sunglasses.

Incredibly stylish, these sunglasses promise to be the accessory of choice for any summer look.

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8. YDILIC Tennis Shine Line Silver Bracelet

Now, let's talk about jewellery!

Yes, we know your mom is also a lover of bracelets, necklaces, rings and jewellery in general. So, we want you to know the selection of jewellery we have to present you as a gift suggestion for Mother's Day.

First of all, we start with the Tennis Shine Line Silver bracelet by YDILIC. Elegant, simple and perfect to complete any look.

What about your mom? Is she team silver or team gold? In case her vibe is silver, then we don't know what you're waiting for to guarantee her this super cute bracelet!

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9. YDILIC Classic Tennis Gold Necklace

Now, and thinking of mothers who are team gold, we have the YDILIC Classic Tennis Gold necklace.

A perfect piece for any woman's everyday life, able to enhance her individuality and personality.

Will this necklace be the perfect gift for your mami?

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10. YDILIC Cross & Silver Hoop

Finally, we present you the YDILIC Cross & Silver hoop.

A simple, beautiful and perfect jewel to complete different looks.

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11. Hoka Transport W Trainers

And for moms with a passion for sport we have one of the coolest novelties in the Sport Bazaar: the Hoka Transport W trainers.

Perfect to boost any workout, these trainers are super comfortable and able to deliver the comfort any foot needs during a run.

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12. Arena Powerskin Carbon Core FX Swimsuit

On the other hand, if your mom practices swimming or simply loves swimming, then the Arena Powerskin Carbon Core FX swimsuit is the ideal gift to give her on this very special day.

Besides being comfortable and beautiful, this swimsuit is super resistant.

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The perfect gift for your mami

Finally, after presenting you with several gift suggestions for Mother's Day, tell us: have you chosen the perfect gift to honour and congratulate your mom on this special day?

If you haven't chosen yet, what are you waiting for to visit our online shop and discover the several fashion and sports options that we have available for you this Mother's Day?

Don't waste any more time and get the perfect gift for the woman in your life!

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