Winter Sale 2023: 8 tips

06 January 2023

Winter Sale 2023: 8 tips

Winter Sale 2023: 8 tips

The winter sales finally arrived and with them came also the moment when we don't hesitate to buy those garments that we've been dating throughout the collection, right?

However, despite the low prices that can be found during the sales, knowing exactly what to buy and how to buy it is fundamental in order to ensure a good shopping experience.

So, if you plan to shop during these winter sales, it is important that you do it in an informed way and according to your income and lifestyle. This is the only way to avoid impulse buying and the balance between "I buy because I need to and I buy because it's on sale".

This way, and so that we can help you have a good shopping experience during these sales, below we will leave you with some tips on how to shop during the winter sales.

Shall we do it?

8 tips to make good shopping during the winter sales

Contrary to what you may think, a good strategy for shopping during the sales starts, first of all, at home and only afterwards it extends to the behaviour you should have in your favourite shops.

So, if you want to take advantage and save the most during these sales, while investing in garments that you really need, follow these 8 tips that we have for you.

1. Before you make any purchases, organise your wardrobe first

guarda roupa com cruzetas vazias

Before you start adding items to your shopping cart, either because you like it or because you think you really need it, you should first organise your wardrobe so that you can become aware of what you really have there.

So, separate all your garments by categories and colours and, from here, try to understand what you really need. Is it a white turtleneck? A pair of super warm boots? Or a jacket for the rain?

After this organization and perception of what you really need, you should segment those needs according to the colours that will make more sense, in other words, that better match the garments you already have.

2. Define a budget

mesa branca com folhas caneta calculadora e cato

With your wardrobe organized and with a clear idea of what you really need to buy, the next step now is to define the amount that, according to your income and lifestyle, you can invest in these winter sales.

So, it's important that you stick to the amount defined so that you can avoid impulse buying and make sure you don't waste money that you may need in the future.

This way, not only your wallet will thank you, but also your wardrobe and especially our planet.

3. Avoid using credit card

pessoa a pagar com cartao de credito em multibanco

When buying, and in order not to commit excesses, during the sales, avoid using credit card, since you may regret it later. So, the best is to pay with debit card or cash.

4. Research and buy online

pessoa com telemovel na mao que tem um icone de carrinho no ecra

Shopping online allows you to make more thoughtful purchases, either because the payment process makes you look several times at the amount to pay or simply because you can easily access several other options from different shops and brands without leaving home.

Besides, shopping online is a great way to save on commuting and avoid crowds of people.

5. Ensure the good quality of the items

calšas d eganga e camisola com padrao

Whenever you come across an item with a discount so high it doesn't even seem true, don't buy it without first making sure it is in good condition.

This is because some defects may be so minor that you won't even notice them, or they may simply be easy to fix, and it may end up paying you to buy the item anyway.

Anyway, you should, in these cases, look for the most common defects: rips, loose buttons and stains.

6. Go for the basics

mulher com casaco preto

Opting for basic garments is a big step towards achieving a very functional wardrobe.

This is because basics, such as shirts, jeans and wool jumpers, which we usually wear a lot, are great options that easily go with everything and make your look creation a much simpler task.

7. Compare prices and discount percentages

It is essential to have the notion of whether or not we are making a good investment.

Therefore, having an idea of how much we are really going to save during the sales is essential to know if that purchase is really worth it or not.

8. Be patient

Shopping during sales, especially during winter sales can be stressful, either because of the volume of clothes or because of the cold when leaving the store, in the case of face-to-face shopping.

However, the truth is that the best part about sales is that we always, or almost always, get great deals.

So it's important that you don't give up at the first pile of clothes you come across. Because the item you're looking for may be in the middle of that pile of clothes on the table where everyone is standing around.

It's time to take advantage of the winter sales

fundo preto com etiquetas vermelhas que dizem saldos em branco

Now that you know our main tips so that you can have a good shopping experience during this winter sales, how about we get down to practice?

So, start by organizing your wardrobe, defining your budget, making your list and accessing the website of your favorite shop, which in your case we strongly believe is BZR x Bazar Desportivo.

Moreover, and as we know that what you are really looking for are real discounts, in these sales you can find promotions up to -60%.

Don't believe it? Then visit our online shop or one of our physical shops and see for yourself.

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