Autumn looks: 2023 trends

15 September 2023

Autumn looks: 2023 trends

Autumn looks: 2023 trends

Summer is almost over. Temperatures are dropping. The days are getting shorter. The leaves are falling and autumn looks are starting to appear.

However, for the more image-conscious, the arrival of autumn doesn't just mean wearing warm and comfortable clothes, it also means wearing autumn looks that will be on trend this year.

So we've selected some of the trends that promise to be a hit at this cold time of year! Follow us throughout this blog and discover the suggestions for autumn looks we have for him and her!

Come along!

Autumn looks for her

Firstly, let's start with the ladies. The queens of style and image lovers, right?

Well, creating autumn looks isn't an easy task for everyone. Quite the opposite, in fact. As this is a season where warm, thick clothes predominate due to the low temperatures, deciding what to wear on these cold days of the year often becomes a headache for many women.

So here are a few suggestions for looks you can wear on the streets of your city next season. Are you ready?

Look 1

For the first option, we have a look where elegance and comfort meet through the wide, flowing cut of one of Carhartt's latest trousers models which, combined with the simplicity of The North Face's basic beige t-shirt, provide a touch of sophistication and maximum relaxation!

To complete the colour palette of this look, a brown jacket with a wool interior from Levis is added. This provides an extra layer of comfort and adds an earthy tone that harmonises well with the white and beige of the other garments.

On the feet, the new New Balance ML610 V1 in beige offer a modern, urban touch.

To finish off, there's nothing better than adding an accessory full of drip, like this Dickies hat.

Trousers | T-shirt | Jacket | Hat | Sneakers

Look 2

Now we have a look that not only combines quality and style, but is also characterised by the combination of the biggest brands in the streetwear world.

Thus, the sophisticated touch of Carhartt's wide black trousers combined with the grey hooded sweatshirt, also from Carhartt, make comfort and relaxation come naturally. What's more, the purple lettering of the brand name on the front of the sweatshirt brings a touch of colour and cosiness from a small detail.

The Adidas Forum in white and the small black bag from The North Face bring the practicality and modernity that this look requires.

What's more, the purple sunglasses combined with the purple Carhartt t-shirt complete the look while keeping the colour palette balanced.

This is a versatile and elegant look for a variety of occasions.

Trousers | Sweater | T-shirt | Glasses | Sneakers | Bag

Look 3

Another option that could revolutionise the coming season is this look, which mixes four of the fashion world's biggest brands: Carhartt, The North Face, Nike and Lacoste.

However, it should be emphasised that the highlight of this look goes mainly to The North Face's black Nuptse jacket. In addition to its unique features, such as comfort and quality, this jacket has been providing revolutionary warmth since 1992, perhaps because no other jacket has moved as quickly from the mountains to the city streets as the Nuptse.

However, since a look isn't made up of just one garment, we think you'd love to combine the hottest jacket of the moment with these Carhartt jeans, the new Nike DBreak Vintage and the oh-so-fancy green Lacoste bag.

Trousers | Jacket | T-shirt | Sneakers | Bag

Look 4

Finally, we have a super cosy look that's perfect for the fluctuating autumn temperatures.

A perfect combination of beige wide-leg trousers from Carhartt and a super-fancy white shirt from Only makes for a simple yet very elegant outfit.

To complete the colour palette, the Triplet M, one of Buffalo's latest sneakers models, are also added. On the other hand, to create some contrast, a touch of daring is added with a leopard-print New Era cap and a black Eastpak bag, which in turn offers the practicality and versatility needed for the season.

Thus, in a palette of beige, white and black, this super passionate look emerges that is perfect for facing the coming season with maximum confidence and style.

Trousers | Sweater | CapSneakers | Bag

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Autumn looks for him

Now it's their turn!

Although they sometimes seem less concerned with their image and a little more sloppy when it comes to creating looks, the truth is that more and more men are investing in enhancing their image with highly modern and up-to-date garments.

So, if you're passionate about image and dressing well is one of your main goals, then you'll love what we have to offer!

Come along and enjoy the autumn look suggestions we have for you!

Look 1

The first option is an autumn look that combines classic and elegant garments that can be adapted to different occasions.

Carhartt's jeans provide a relaxed and timeless touch, while Ecoalf's blue jacket with a white top offers a modern contrast and the warmth needed on the coldest days of the season. To complete the look, we chose a white Fred Perry polo shirt that adds a touch of casual sophistication.

Lastly, as far as footwear is concerned, we've chosen Lacoste's latest model of sneakers, the Lineshot 223 in beige, which, with their blue and burgundy details, go perfectly with the rest of the outfit, while still offering comfort and style.

Finally, there's the ideal look for autumn that maintains a balance between fashion and functionality.

Trousers | Polo ShirtJacket | Sneakers

Look 2

Now we have a look made up of one of Carhartt's latest trousers models, but this time in black, combined with a brown hooded sweatshirt from Vans and a black t-shirt from The North Face with a pattern on the front. With this combination of garments in the upper part of the look, we can already see what it's all about: showing sophistication and versatility.

On the feet, the brown New Balance MR530 harmoniously match the look, offering comfort all day long. To store your essentials, you can add the practicality of the black Dickies bag.

What's more, the new Carhartt ring adds an extra touch of fashion, making this look complete and modern. This is the perfect look for facing autumn with style and confidence.

Trousers | Sweaters | T-shirt | Sneakers | Ring | Bag

Look 3

As a 3rd option, we have the classic and versatile touch of the Carhartt jeans which, combined with the green Levi's hooded sweatshirt, provide maximum comfort and a super relaxed style. Underneath the sweatshirt, we suggest a beige Santa Cruz t-shirt with a mini pattern on the front to add a touch of colour to the look when the sweatshirt is off.

For your feet, we've chosen the modernity of the new Nike Tech Hera in white and the comfort of classic white socks, also from Nike.

Finally, to complete this look we've chosen the black Eastpak striped bag, ideal for carrying your essentials anywhere.

Complete look, your style is up to date... Just imagine the drip you'll send out with this look!

Trousers | Sweater | T-shirt | Sneakers | Socks | Bag

Look 4

Finally, we end our list of suggested autumn looks for men on a high note with an option that promises to conquer the streets around the world.

Coming off the back of the Carhartt trousers, we now have a trousers option, also made of denim, but this time from Dickies! These trousers combined with a black t-shirt, also from Dickies, and a New Era Lakers jacket on top promise to be a hit this coming season.

In addition, for the feet, we've chosen the new Adidas Forum in white with black stripes and as accessories the black Carhartt bag and the New Era Yankees Cap. Together, all these garments promise to be an autumn hit.

What about you? Have you fallen for this look too?

Trousers | Sweater | Jacket | Sneakers | Cap | Bag

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Shall we update your wardrobe with the main trends for this autumn?

Finally, we want you to take a look at all these autumn looks and tell us: which one suits your style? If you don't know, we'd like to invite you to visit our online shop where you can find many more options for garments to complement your autumn looks and rock wherever you go!

Thanks for reading and we'll see you in the next blog, which will certainly be full of lots of trends!

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