After the order is shipped from our warehouses, it becomes the transporter’s responsibility (MRW and DPD).
We don’t send to post office boxes.

Any delay in the shipping, relating to estimated times, doesn’t give the right to compensation.
Shipping costs can be modified at any time and without previous notice. In any case, the valid shipping costs are the ones that appear in the moment you make the order.
You’ll be charged extra in orders above 5kg, such as orders above 15kg will have to be divided in 2, being charged individually.You’ll receive an ATM reference to pay.

*Shipping to the Madeira and Azores: orders over 5kg will be charged an additional postage fee (depending on the total weight). After paying for the order, Customer Service contacts the customer to settle the surplus using an ATM reference.

Follow my order
After your order leaves our warehouses, you’ll receive an e-mail with the transporter link so you can follow your order. You can also find that link in your Customer Area at Orders. This feature is not available for orders you chose to pick up at one of the stores.

Picking your order up at the store
You can pick up your online order at one of our stores and enjoy free shipping. After payment confirmation, in 3 workdays time your order will be ready at the store. As soon as its ready, you’ll receiver an e-mail and a text message with a code. To pick your order up you’ll have to present that code and your identification (passport or identity card).