Back to football: Do your best on the pitch!

08 September 2023

Back to football: Do your best on the pitch!

Back to football: Do your best on the pitch!

3, 2, 1... Back to football is on! 🤘

Well, September is here, summer is about to end and the routine has just returned! Yes, it's September and during this month there are several returns. As well as the long-awaited (or not) return to school, there's also the much-desired "Back to football" moment.

So if you're a sportsman, passionate about the world of football, then this campaign is just for you! It's true. And do you know why? Because we're real football lovers too, and that's why we love to make the return to the pitch of passionate athletes like you a unique and unforgettable moment. Want to know how? Then take a look at what follows!

Training clothes

To begin with, we want to make sure you return to the pitch with maximum style, comfort and enthusiasm!

That's why we'd like to give you some suggestions for outfits to make you stand out during your training sessions. Have a look!

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Backpacks and bags

On the other hand, we also think that "Back to football" isn't "Back to football" without the all-important choice of training bag! So there's nothing better than being able to choose the perfect bag to accompany you through another season. What's even better is when they all come from top brands in the world of football!

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Socks and shin guards

Reduce the risk of shin fractures, protect you from injuries sustained during the game and prevent dirt from the pitch from getting into wounds. This is the role of shin guards.

In short, their purpose is nothing less than protection, of course!

All you have to do to complete this protection and make sure you get on the pitch is choose some socks! But... you have no idea what you're looking for? Don't worry. We've got you covered!

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Goalkeeper gloves

These are for you, who protect any goal!

We're talking about the most characteristic accessory of any goalkeeper's equipment: the gloves.

Although they are essential for achieving great saves, gloves also function as a protective element, as they protect the goalkeeper's wrists against strong shots, prevent the ball from slipping and make it easier to control the ball.

What about you? Have you chosen your gloves for the new season?

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Football boots

Finally, the most anticipated category of all arrives. Yes, we're talking about football boots!

Nike, Adidas, Puma... The boots of all the big brands in the world of football are here!

Take a look at all the models available and choose your favourite... Then all you have to do is give your best on the pitch.

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But wait... Are you having trouble choosing the right tread for you? Don't worry! We've got you covered.

Natural grass - FG

Football boots with FG soles are suitable for playing on natural grass.

Thus, boots with FG treads are naturally made up of rubber studs, which are not removable and are not prepared to be subjected to the demands of other surfaces, such as artificial grass.

What's more, traction on artificial turf, as well as on surfaces other than natural grass, causes the studs to wear down more, causing the boots to lose the stability for which they were designed.

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Synthetic - AG

AG, Artificial Ground, is one of the most widely used surfaces.

These are 2nd and 3rd generation surfaces and their height is approximately 60 mm, which requires a considerable number of studs at the base of the boot in order to guarantee stability through better distribution of the player's weight.

However, although this type of tread contains a greater number of studs, the size of the studs is smaller.

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Aluminium - SG

Football boots with SG studs, i.e. aluminium studs, are designed for maximum penetration into the pitch, wet or damp, thus ensuring the greatest possible grip.

What's more, because they only have 6 or 8 points of support, they should only be used on surfaces where it is certain that the studs will fully penetrate.

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The most versatile of all football boots. The MG model is designed for a wide range of uses, adapting to synthetic surfaces and natural grass.

They feature the traditional rubber stud, designed to adapt to both hard natural and synthetic grass. Their versatility is recommended for players facing these two types of surface.

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Assim como o modelo MG, o piso FG/MG foi pensado para utilização variada, que se adapta tanto a pisos sintéticos como a relvado natural.

Desta forma, este tipo de piso apresenta o pitão tradicional de borracha, concebido para se adaptar tanto em relvado natural duro como em relvados sintéticos.



Like the MG model, the FG/MG flooring is designed for varied use, adapting to both synthetic and natural grass surfaces.

This type of flooring features the traditional rubber stud, designed to adapt to both hard natural and synthetic turf.

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Back to football: All set to return to the pitch!

Back to football is on! So...

Get ready, get on the pitch, grab the ball, dribble, pass, shoot, score and goal! Victory is already yours!

Find out more about our "Back to football" campaign here and let yourself be carried away by the thrill of the game!

And don't forget... you could be the next star on the pitch!

Happy return to the pitch!

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