Back to school: 6 essentials for getting back into the routine in style!
Back to School

04 September 2023

Back to school: 6 essentials for getting back into the routine in style!

Back to school: 6 essentials for getting back into the routine in style!

It's true, it's back-to-school time!

After a great holiday and a summer full of adventures, it's time to get back into the swing of things. And what's the first step so that you can guarantee a great return to school? Start preparing everything now so that there are no last-minute glitches.

So we want to help you prepare for your first day at school. To do this, we've selected some of the essentials that we believe will be an asset to your next school year.

1. Backpacks: the key accessory for staying stylish all year round

To begin, there's nothing better than talking about the key accessory for staying stylish all year round. Yes, we're talking about backpacks!

Available in a variety of colours and models, our selection of backpacks for this back-to-school season promises to win many hearts. Will yours be one of them? Check it out!


2.Pencil cases: An individual accessory, capable of defining the type of student you are

Of course, in order to continue this list of back-to-school essentials, we have to show you our selection of pencil cases for this school year!

Plain, patterned and in different shapes. If choosing the perfect case to accompany you during your school year is always a difficult task, we warn you that with the variety of models you'll find here, this year choosing the ideal pencil case for your return to school will undoubtedly be even more difficult.


3. Clothes: Incredible fits that can make any classroom shine

Starting this school year with a killer look? Easy! We're here to help.

Well, it looks like it's time to start again, get back into the swing of things and embrace another school year in style.

But... you still don't know what to wear on your first day of school? Don't worry! We've got your back. Discover our selection of items available for your return to school and check out our suggested looks so you can start the new school year with great drip.


4. Sneakers: With the perfect sneakers, your school year will be a year with 'big' drip

Sneakers. Who doesn't love a new pair of sneakers, right? We understand and that's why we thought we'd put together a selection of sneakers, perfect for transforming your look for the first day of school.

So what we're going to present to you are the most trendy sneakers of the moment. Sneakers from major brands such as Converse, Adidas Originals, Vans, among many other leading brands in the world of street style. And as we don't want you to miss anything, we've even given you some suggestions on how to combine some of these models!

We don't know if you'll be able to resist and buy just one pair!


5. Physical education classes: Master any sport

Back to school doesn't just mean getting back into the swing of things, meeting up with the staff and getting to know the new people who will be in your class this new school year. Back to school also means a return to activity, movement and sport!

So it's time to get into the swing of things. It's time to start preparing your body for PE lessons, to build up your energy and to make sure you don't lack anything so that you can stand out from your class and dominate from start to finish, whatever the sport to be practised during the lesson.


6. Bags, wallets and other stuff

Finally, let's talk about accessories. More precisely, bags and wallets.

So, we know that it's not always necessary to go back to school with a backpack. Some people prefer to leave their backpack at home, carry their books in hand and their belongings in a bag or wallet that complements their outfit.

So we thought you'd like to see some of our bag and wallet designs that we think will be a must-have for your return to school.

We've also given you some tips on how to combine them!


Back to school never tasted so good

Finally, all we have to say is that we hope your return to school is a great one. May your first day of school be just as you imagined and may your school year be full of good things. Good grades, good friends and good looks!

That way, there's not much more to add. Backpack OK, sneakers freshly picked out, trousers and shirt just right... That's it! Your outfit for the first day of school is now on!

Happy back to school!

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