BZR Street Style New Collection: X super looks

02 May 2023

BZR Street Style New Collection: X super looks

BZR Street Style New Collection: X super looks

The New BZR Street Style Collection has arrived and with it comes new garments, new looks and new vibes.

Thought for the great Street Style lovers, this new collection brings us all the memories of summer, of good weather and above all of much beauty and style.

This way, throughout this blog we present you some looks for women and some looks for men from our New Collection.

Are you ready? Let's start with the girls!

New Women's Collection

First of all, we warn you that a huge wave of style is coming, and the best thing you can do is to really catch it! 🙌

Colourful looks, mega soft looks and total black looks. With BZR Street Style's New Collection for women, you'll feel what you've never felt before. 😎

So get ready to do some great sessions and update your networks with pics taken on your late afternoons while watching the sun set over the sea on the beach. 🌅🤙

Look 1: Puma Total Black

Do you like black? Are you a Puma fan or just like to vary your looks? Ok, then this look is for you.

Designed for true Street Style lovers, this Puma ensemble is here to set a trend.

And the sneakers? We won't go deeper because I'm sure you already know what "Puma" wears!

Look 2: For New Balance Lovers

Wearing this look is like smelling sunscreen: suddenly you're reminded of summer!

Besides being super comfortable and clean, this look is not a 100% New Balance look only because Pixis arrived and took over the feet of any look.

What are you waiting for to dominate the streets with a mega powerful look, a super own style and the street style of the top cities in the world?

Look 3: New Balance Black

Trendy New Balance jacket, camel hooded sweatshirt and the well known BB650. This look is just amazing. 😍

Grab your sunglasses and your favourite handbag and hit the streets ready to conquer!

However, we still have one question for you: are you team menswear too?

Look 4: Queen of streetwear

It's easy... With this look we are essentially talking about Carhartt WIP.

And what best goes with the t-shirt, cap and bag from one of the most legendary brands in the fashion world? Obviously some Only trousers and some Nike sneakers. 😊

Look 5: The most street style looks

Warning: Trend spill. ⚡

This look has emerged and anyone who has seen it is seriously blown away. 😯

Although it's a simple look, the truth is that the comfort, casualness and style of this look is so cool that wearing a sweater with cargo trousers is no longer basic, it's super trendy!

Look 6: Are you ready?

Looking for a unique look? Perfect for your shopping trips, evening get-togethers and those Sunday esplanade parties? Don't worry! You've found the perfect look. ✌️

T-shirt, cargo trousers and super comfortable sneakers. It's everything you need to conquer the streets!

 More girly looks

see new women's collection

New Men's Collection

You see so many great looks in the magazines, on the social networks and on the streets that you want them all. Isn't that right? 😎

Then get ready, because today we come with everything: mega casual t-shirts, sweaters ready to rock the streets, sneakers that are the height of this season... How to resist? 😏😝

Enjoy the New BZR Street Style Collection for men and discover the looks that are dominating this season. 🤙

Look 1: Total Denim

You're not ready and the truth is, neither are we...

Have you seen how top this look is? Total Denim, blue and white and a perfect combination of Carhartt WIP and New Balance.

So, can you believe that this New Collection is really here to conquer?

Look 2: Never have two colours gone so well together

This look is the perfect definition of a super mix & match. 😍

Pick out your favourite sunglasses and combine them with this super look. In the end, one thing's for sure: you'll look great. 🔥

Look 3: 1 look. Infinite sensations.

Day or night plans? Who cares! 😎

Deep down, there's only one certainty: this look will be, without a doubt, one of your main allies this season!

Use and abuse of this look. After all, it's impossible not to get an even more valuable style if you mix Dickies with Converse.

Look 4: Look Stranger Things

Obviously that the most talked about collaboration of the moment had to be part of this new BZR Street Style Collection.

So, among all the garments released by the Lacoste x Netflix collaboration, today we bring you a look with one of the most requested t-shirts from this new collection: the t-shirt that represents the Netflix series Stranger Things.

And you? Are you in or out of this trend?

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New BZR Street Style Collection: Create your look!

Finally, now that you've discovered some of the super looks we've prepared for you with this New Collection, I'm sure you already have a few garments in mind, right?

Don't miss out, discover our latest products and take your style to the next level.

Visit our online shop and discover everything we have for you!

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