Cargo pants are back on the streets

03 March 2023

Cargo pants are back on the streets

Cargo pants are back on the streets

After their success at the beginning of the 21st century, cargo trousers have made a comeback and, just like many icons that are back on trend decades after their launch, cargo trousers seem to be here to stay!

As well as being comfortable and super versatile, cargo trousers are mega bold and combine easily with other garments.

The origin of the model

First of all, we think you'd love to know the origin of the trend that has been conquering your wardrobe. Right?

So, cargo trousers were a staple in the wardrobes of big fashion stars in the 90s and early 21st century. However, what you probably didn't know is that cargo pants emerged as a military inspiration.

It's true! Cargo trousers were created in the 1940s and designed for everyday life in the British Army.

However, it was from the 80s onwards that the model became a much loved icon in the fashion world and thus became a trend that dominated the streets not only at the beginning of the 21st century, but has been dominating now.

Choose your Cargo

Although their origin has nothing to do with the use we give them today, the reinvention of the cargo trend leaves us totally uncompromised. Yes, because with cargo trousers one thing is certain: you no longer have to choose between style and comfort. With cargo pants you can have both!

So, do you need help choosing the right cargo pants for you? We can help you!

Carhartt WIP Regular Cargo Trousers 

First, we start with one of the big hits of the moment: the Carhartt WIP Regular Cargo trousers.

Besides being available in different colours, this Carhartt model is manufactured in a lightweight cotton ripstop fabric, which allows for greater comfort and greater durability.

On the other hand, this model also includes several pockets and a Carhartt WIP label in fabric on the right leg pocket. Its double layer on the knees contributes to its robust qualities and the details on the leg opening allow the cut to be adjusted to the body.

trŕs homens com calšas cargo em fundo branco

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Nike Club Utility Cargo Trousers 

Available in green and black, the Nike Club Utility Cargo trousers are one of the biggest trends of the moment.

Besides being super comfortable, these trousers are practical and resistant. They have several pockets and are fully prepared to give you the casual comfort and relaxed style you're looking for in your daily life...

dois homens com calšas cargo, um de verde e outro de preto e branco em fundo branco

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Nike Sportswear Repeat Fleece Cargo Trousers

Now, let's tell you about the Nike Sportswear Repeat Fleece Cargo trousers!

Yes, besides looking and being mega comfortable this Nike model provides the functionality, comfort and stylish design that your days so much ask for.

Plus, the classic fit and adjustable, elasticated waistband keeps the comfortable feel you're so desperately looking for during the day.

dois homens de preto com calšas cargo em fundo branco

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The Cargo Style

So, after knowing what for us is the top 3 models of cargo trousers, tell us something: are you also in love with this trend?

So, if you love comfortable and stylish clothes, we don't know what you're waiting for to know all the cargo models available at our online shop.

Don't waste any more time and order your favourites now!

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