Celebrate National Pajama Day with Conual

20 November 2021

Celebrate National Pajama Day with Conual

Celebrate National Pajama Day with Conual

Have you ever noticed that November 20th is National Pajama Day? Maybe it's a time well known in the world of youngsters, but the truth is that it's getting more famous every year. The day started by being only for children and young people and now it is extended to all those who like a good comfortable outfit, a humanitarian cause and who are not ashamed to wear their pyjamas during the course of their day.

The National Pajama Day was created in 2012 by the Mundos de Vida Portuguese association and aims to raise awareness about the right of a child to grow up in a family. In addition, it aims to promote family foster care for children and thus reduce the number of young people who end up growing up in institutions. According to CASA 2020 (Annual Characterisation of the Situation of Reception of Children and Young People), a study conducted by Social Security, in Portugal, around 6 700 children and young people live in foster centres and homes.

It was to help this number decrease, as it has been happening in recent years according to the research by the State entity, that once a year there's 'Missão Pijama' (Mission Pajamas). Mostly celebrated throughout the country in schools and colleges with children up to the age of 10, National Pajama Day is an educational day where children go to school in their pyjamas and do various fun and educational activities.

National Pajama Day

This year, as pyjama day falls on a Saturday, schools will celebrate it on 22 November, next Monday. It will be a day where you'll probably see more people in pyjamas than usual. Don't forget that children and young people are the adults of the future, which makes this action even more important.

You may already be too "old" to want to join this cause and wear your pyjamas with pride, but as we all have a child inside us, why not take the suggestion? As usual, you'll find many options at BZR- Street Style Culture.

Conual is a brand from Santo Tirso, which is proud to be Portuguese. It creates articles thinking about quality, comfort and modernity. In Conual there is the concern of producing, above all, current pyjamas. With simpler models and others more elaborate and funny, the northern brand will show you that you can be part of the 'Mission Pajamas' movement with a lot of personality.


Whether you wear pyjamas all day or not spread the word and get others thinking and talking about this issue, which is so important for society. If you want to do it in the best style ever, just add some Conual pyjamas.

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