Converse All Star: top news

25 November 2022

Converse All Star: top news

Converse All Star: top news

From the basketball courts to the rock stages, until becoming the greatest classic of Street Style, we have the Converse All Star.

One of the most iconic models from Converse, the All Star are since their appearance and until nowadays one of the most popular models, which proves their timelessness and highlights them as a classic that doesn't get old and that everyone wants.

In this sense, and so that you can create your own authentic Street Style culture, we leave you with the top of the Converse All Star novelties.

Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged 2.0

duas mulheres sentadas com converse all star pretas e brancas

A reinvention of the classic Chuck Taylor All Star, the All Star Lugged 2.0 arrives to cause a stir.

Made with textile materials, breathable lining, rubber outsole and an OrthoLite insole, these sneakers also have a 3.5 cm high platform.

Available in different colours, this timeless model promises to easily match any garment of your wardrobe.

Chuck Taylor All Star Lugged 2.0 Leather

sapatilhas converse all star castanhas e branvas

Just like the All Star Lugged 2.0, the Lugged 2.0 Leather are also a classic that everyone falls in love with.

Thus, this model only differs from the previous one by the material with which it is made. While the Lugged 2.0 are made only from textile materials, the Lugged 2.0 Leather are crafted from leather and textile materials.

Currently, you can find this model in the following colours: White, beige, brown and black with a white outsole.

Now that you know the new Lugged 2.0 Leather, you just have to choose the look with which you are going to combine them.

Maybe, a levis 501 crop and a The North Face Nuptse jacket will look great on those. What do you think?

Chuck Taylor All Star Glam

sapatilhas all star rosa brilhantes

The classic Converse model, this time with the feminine touch that your cutest looks demand.

So, in pink, coated with glitter and with SmartFoam insole for greater comfort, arrive the shiny Chuck Taylor All Star.

Available from 35.5 to 38.5, this is the model that promises to give some eccentricity to your most basic looks.

So, are you ready to rock?

Chuck Taylor All Star Mono White

sapatilhas all star brancas

The iconic chucks arrive with luxurious details that promise to set your style apart, wherever you go.

Available in white, these sneakers are crafted from synthetic and textile materials, feature an OrthoLite insole for extra comfort and have small gold details, as well as a delicate cut-out upper, allowing you to add an extra touch to the classic, familiar model.

Chuck Taylor Move

sapatilhas pretas e sapatilhas bordô all star nos pés

Converse's ultralight platform is back with the Chuck Taylor Move model.

So, low-top, high-top or flowered, you can already find the different versions of this model in our online shop. Choose yours now and join a universe of style.

Chuck Taylor Lift

pés com sapatilhas pretas all star

Keeping the classic and unique DNA of Converse, the Chuck Taylor Lift now arrives with new variations that promise to drive anyone crazy.

Black with silver details, shiny, leather, velvet, patterned, low top or high top and available in several colours, these Converse platforms are here to bring life to your simplest outfits.

Chuck Taylor Low

all star verdes

For those who love icons, now comes the classic Chuck Taylor Low in a new colour.

Despite having already appeared in 1957, this model is one of those that no one minds buying, wearing, ruining and then buying the same model again, right?

Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Wide

pés com sapatilhas all star brancas

Fill yourself with style with the new All Star Classic Wide.

Besides being a classic, this model is also proof that sometimes, the simple really is the most beautiful.

Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Vintage

pés com sapatilhas all star amarelas

Classic, iconic and with the same quality as always, now comes your favourite sneakers in a yellow that promises to give that vintage touch to your most modern looks.

Chuck Taylor High

sapatilhas all star rosa, com padrão e beges

In different colours, plain or patterned, now arrive the classic Chuck Taylor High.

However, you already know that, despite being a novelty, the comfort and quality remain the same.

The All Star world

To wear Converse All Star is to wear a classic, which never gets old. It's being a reference in the world of Street Style.

Become an icon in the world of fashion. Wear now the latest Converse All Star novelties.

Visit our online shop and choose the model that best suits your style.

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