Every child knows their mother

25 April 2021

Every child knows their mother

Every child knows their mother

After we've shown you how you can stay in tune with your mum, we're now going to give you some more ideas of what you can give her next Sunday (or any time, because moms always deserve a gift).

Since every child knows their mom and her particular tastes, below you can find a list with a wide variety of suggestions, from shoes and clothes to music and photography. And the best of all? You can find all the products on our website!


1- New Balance 237

This recent model from New Balance has been causing a lot of talk. Inspired by the iconic silhouette of the brand's 70s models, the new 237 are the next step in the evolution of footwear design.

The New Balance 237s are perfect for moms with a casual style, with a hint of sporty, who like to be comfortable all day long.


2- Adidas x HER Studio London

Adidas in collaboration with HER Studio London launched a collection with gold, blue and red notes. The created print, with floral and ornamental references, was used on backpacks, clothes and shoes, giving the possibility to combine pieces.

The Adidas Satine backpack is made with recycled materials in order to save resources and reduce emissions, just like the Stan Smith trainers, now with the HER print on the heel. On the Adidas Baroque t-shirt, the print can be seen in a pronounced clover-shaped logo on the front. On the trousers and jacket, the print is extravagant and irreverent. Five pieces that are linked together to create an original look.


3-Fujifilm Instax

From clothes we move on to photography, because what's the use of having a good outfit if you don't capture it? In this suggestion we present you three models of instant cameras and a printer, for those who can't do without taking photos with a mobile phone.

Fujifilm has a wide range of instant cameras, but the most famous are the Instax Mini. With a rectangular format, we have available on the website the Instax Mini 9 and the Instax Mini 11. With a similar design, the two cameras are practically identical. Both use the same recharge and both are automatic, with the user only needing to be guided by the light that appears on the lens to correctly enter the light mode (Very Sunny, Sun with Clouds, Cloudy or Home). The main differences between the models are that the Mini 11 comes with a close-up lens integrated in the lens, while the one on the Mini 9 was removable, and the flash is brighter on the Mini 11, allowing to better capture the backgrounds of the images.

For those who think that the rectangular format is not the best, the Instax SQ6 is the solution. With a square shape, the SQ6 has a sleek design and allows for greater control over each shot. Unlike the Mini, the SQ6 allows you to disable the flash, so you can shoot with natural light, and has several modes such as auto, selfie, macro, landscape and double exposure. Furthermore, the camera comes with three color filters included (orange, violet and green), allows you to choose the speed at which you want to shoot and has a timer, so that everyone can be in the photo (even the photographer!). Your imagination is the limit with the Instax SQ6.

But if you think your mother won't like getting an Instax camera and you've noticed that she's always shooting everything with her mobile phone, our suggestion for you is the Instax Mini Link. Every day we see and take dozens of pictures with our mobile phone. It's easy and practical, but often those images get lost in the camera roll. Why not print the most special ones? Now you can with the Instax Mini Link. Easy to carry, this instant printer is simple to use. Just choose the photo from your phone, edit with the filters Fujifilm offers you and press print.



Whichever Fujifilm option you choose, don't forget to take a picture with your mom on Sunday.


4- Vinyl Records

Are you almost at the end of this post and still not convinced about what to buy for your mother? How about music? Vinyl records are very in right now and we've got albums just in.


Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, DAMA, Beyonce, Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, Nirvana, Rosalía, Harry Styles, Elvis Presley, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Ella Fitzgerald, Alicia Keys, Guns N' Roses and U2. We have records for all preferences, without ever forgetting the Crosley turntable, which, apart from being essential, adds style to any room.

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