Havaianas for any occasion

06 June 2021

Havaianas for any occasion

Havaianas for any occasion

Over the last month we have been telling you about the latest Havaianas' models for the new season. Elegant, classic, closed and for children. There are practically all colours and shapes. Known as those rubber slippers that are worn to go to the beach, to the bakery, to go shopping or to walk the dog, Havaianas are much more than that. Nowadays they are considered a fashion icon, appearing more and more in sophisticated situations like parades and even weddings.

Just in time for summer, we give you some suggestions on how you can combine your Havaianas. Whether it's a more basic look to go to the beach, or a more elegant outfit for that fancy dinner, we have four proposals for women and another four for men.

First of all, it's fundamental to say that the most important thing in each outfit is that you feel good in it. Secondly, remember that any outfit changes completely according to the accessories and footwear you wear.

Within the Havaianas range, there are more elegant sandals that will add a touch of refinement to your look when compared to a basic flip-flop. For example, the first look that we suggest composed of a Levis top and shorts matches perfectly with the You Riviera Maxi. It's a very casual and elegant set with the predominance of white and metallic details. The ribbon that cinches the top and the puffed sleeves give it a more sophisticated touch. However, this look would also look great with some Mule Loafer Flatform espadrilles, which would add colour and relaxation to the outfit. Sandals and espadrilles are great to combine with more classic pieces of clothing. In the same way, they can be the centrepiece of a more casual look, with a basic dress in neutral colours.

On the other hand, you can go for a more sporty chic outfit. Our suggestion is to combine a more classic shirt, like a Lacoste polo, with Adidas sports shorts, for example. The combination of red and pink is highlighted by the Havaianas You Trancoso. The modernity combined with the casualness results in a surprising look that can be used for a day at the beach, a walk in the city or a summer lunch.

The idea that Havaianas are not allowed off the beach is already outdated. Many influencers have been seen wearing even the most basic models with long dresses full of colour. The deconstruction of outfits is also very much in vogue. Sometimes a look is too sophisticated and Havaianas may be the detail that softens the outfit. Furthermore, the bet on accessories is essential to make the looks more daring and irreverent.

For a more romantic outfit, the You Saint Tropez and the Luna are ideal. They bring delicacy to any outfit. The white Lacoste jersey combined with the Levis 501 shorts with rips, the Herschel denim hat and one of these models form a fresh and urban outfit. Finally, as a more casual and relaxed option, we suggest Levis overalls and a Lacoste t-shirt. The oversized look can be teamed with any Havaianas, either flip-flops, slides, sandals or espadrilles.

For men, the variety is not as wide, but it is still possible to put together casual and elegant outfits. Perfect for a day at the beach are the polyester shorts above the knee. Fast-drying, there are plain, patterned and multi-coloured models, such as the Carhartt Drift, Adidas Monogram and Lacoste Light Quick Dry.

Basically, any T-shirt can be worn with these. You just have to choose a colour that either already appears on your shorts or goes well with them. Light colours are usually cooler, but there's no limit. It's up to you what you like best. We suggest Karl Kani Tie Dye, Lacoste Pima, North Face Dome and Lacoste Live.

However, are you looking for a more stylish option? How about combining a Patagonia shirt with some classic Element Sawyer shorts? At the beginning this look is already more elegant due to the material of the clothing and its fit. However, when combined with a pair of sturdier flip-flops with wide straps, like the Urban, the outfit becomes completely urban. A good alternative for cooler days is to exchange the shorts for linen trousers with a straight cut and neutral colours. For a more relaxed touch, just add a sporty hat, like the Patagonia one.

In the world of men's fashion, the secret is to know how to combine the right pieces. There are Havaianas for every occasion. For example, we consider espadrilles to be more geared towards the city. However, it seems to us much more fun to defy the fashion rules and create our own style.

Get inspired by our looks and create your own style, because as Coco Chanel used to say, fashion goes out of style, but style doesn't!


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