Hunter's backpacks
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14 September 2021

Hunter's backpacks

Hunter's backpacks

A white rectangle, with a red frame all around and big black letters, where you can read the word Hunter. Hunter is known worldwide for its wellies, in different colours, with the logo we have just described. However, the brand is more than that and is the owner of one of the most stylish backpacks on the market.

Hunter was founded in 1856 by two Americans. Throughout its history it has produced boots, clothing and accessories. However, the world of the brand's backpacks was to change in 2014 when creative director Alasdhair Willis arrived at the Scottish company. He bet on them and characterised them as an essential, for every day, including rainy ones. "[Backpacks are] an all-terrain accessory, perfect for both the more casual everyday outfit and the office," he said in an interview with El Mundo that year.

The model of the backpack has evolved and currently you can find the Hunter Top Clip in various colours. They are made with waterproof nylon and have a leather finish. Full of pockets, the backpack has a computer compartment on the back, a main pocket that closes with a quick-release buckle and three smaller external pockets.Seen as a strong product, thanks to their waterproof and different design, Hunter's backpacks are actually ideal for harsh weather conditions.

Hunter Top Clip

With a thoughtfully detailed design inspired by the iconic Tall Wellington original boots, these backpacks are similar to those used in the 2019 campaign that spread giant replicas across London, Boston and Tokyo.'Hunt the Backpack'-hunting the backpack was an action designed to reaffirm Hunter as a multifaceted brand. Willis wanted to capitalise on the moment of fame and continue to focus on backpacks, a niche market that represented 45% of the brand's sales at the time.


For the world outside

Today, Hunter's production takes place on the Asian continent, but it was in Edinburgh that the famous Wellington wellies were first produced. Each pair was made by hand, by assembling 28 individual parts. It is curious to note that, in the beginning, Hunter produced boots, tyres, rubber flooring and hot water bottles, with rubber by Charles Goodyear.

The brand has changed name and owner several times, but is currently called Hunter Boot Limited. It manufactures footwear, clothing and accessories for rainy days or for adventures in muddier or wetter places. In this way, Hunter wants to encourage a connection with nature, without ever forgetting that it itself has a role in protecting the environment.

Hunter Top Clip

Hunter uses natural rubber extracted from trees to manufacture its products, especially its wellies. In order to know that it is not harming the environment, the brand only uses rubber from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which guarantees the protection of biodiversity and natural resources. In addition, all of Hunter's packaging is made with recycled paper.

On a second level, the Scottish company has launched the Hunter ReBoot programme which aims to recycle wellies. In doing so, Hunter is giving rubber a new life, creating playground floors, driveway humps or kickboxing bag fillers, for example.

The days have been a bit rainy when you look out of the window, and it's important to have an option for these times. You certainly don't want to get your stuff wet and the Hunter could be the ideal solution for you. Is there anything better than having a stylish backpack that looks after the environment and encourages us to set off on an adventure? We don't think so! Find your favourite colour on our website.

Hunter Top Clip

Hunter backpacks

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