Introducing the new Adidas, Nike and Puma football boot packs ⚽

25 August 2023

Introducing the new Adidas, Nike and Puma football boot packs ⚽

Introducing the new Adidas, Nike and Puma football boot packs ⚽

We know you're passionate about football. We also know that you don't like to miss out on anything new in the world of football and we know, above all, that you love being the first to see all the new boot packs. Are we right?

Of course we're right! That's why we want to tell you a bit about the latest launches from 3 of the biggest brands in the world of football. We're talking about the Adidas, Nike and Puma packs, more precisely the Adidas Infinito Messi, Nike Ready and Puma Breakthrough packs, respectively.

Are you ready to get to know each of these packs in detail? Then come on! 👌

Adidas Infinito Messi Pack

If you thought that Lionel Messi's move to Inter Miami would mean the Argentinian star would quietly disappear, then we have to tell you that you were very wrong!

The truth is that since his transfer, Lionel Messi hasn't stopped scoring, accumulating 9 goals in his first 6 games alone, which has fuelled the hype surrounding the Argentinian's move to Inter Miami.

Adidas couldn't help but celebrate and leave its mark on this important moment in the player's career. The brand has launched the Adidas Infinito Messi pack.

With notes of Argentinian blue and silver inspired by the trophies won by the player, this Adidas pack will always keep you one step ahead of your opponents!


Nike Ready Pack

With the start of the 2023/24 season and in order to ensure that all its players are fit to come in, play and win, Nike presents its latest launch, the Nike Ready Pack.

Responsible for thinking, preparing, designing and manufacturing a collection capable of captivating the greatest number of football players around the world, the truth is that the American brand has not disappointed and has decided to start this season with a big surprise for all football lovers. Yes, we're talking about the new colours of your favourite Nike boots.

Red, white and black. These are the colours that promise to dominate the world's greatest pitches... Any doubts? Then take a look at all the models available in this pack!


Puma Breakthrough Pack

The light is back on the world's greatest pitches with Puma's new collection of football boots.

The German brand presents its new Breakthrough pack, which brings back its three main models: Ultra, Future and King. Inspired by the great football legends and capable of dominating any pitch from one end to the other, the new Breakthrough Pack will be responsible for fitting your feet and the feet of the best footballers in the world perfectly.

So, if your goal is to achieve success, dominate from start to finish and, of course, win any competition, then this new Puma pack is for you!


Choosing your new boots for the 2023/24 season

Finally, now that you've seen the new boot packs from three of the biggest brands in the world of football for this season, we hope you've found your favourite pair on this blog!

If not, we invite you to visit our online shop, where you can find a wide variety of new boot packs, as well as many other essential accessories and clothing for you who are looking to conquer the world's greatest pitches!

We hope you enjoyed discovering what will surely be your new boots for this season!

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