Is it winter if you don't wear a hat?

26 December 2021

Is it winter if you don't wear a hat?

Is it winter if you don't wear a hat?

Winter has officially started and it's time to get your best beanies from the wardrobe. Who speaks in beanies, also speaks in hats with fur or sherpa. Already anticipating a trend for 2022, hair accessories will be very fashionable. Especially baseball caps, the already famous bucket hats and coloured beanies.

Adding a beanie or a hat to an outfit requires minimal effort, which will consequently give maximum impact to the whole outfit. It's true that summer 2021 brought out a lot of nostalgia in the fashion world, such as the emphasis on 90s style. This was reflected in the popularity of the aforementioned bucket hats and baseball caps. With the arrival of winter, the trend now extends to beanies.

Beanies started with a practical purpose and have now moved into the realm of style and what is cool. They protect your head from the cold, hide a bad hair day and make any outfit more complete, strong and cohesive. For all these reasons and more, the beanies invaded the catwalks.


This year bright colours reign, maybe to brighten up the grey days of winter or to make us look at something other than Covid-19 news. The truth is that the key words of this season's beanie trends are fun and warmth. There are close-fitting beanies, others wider. Some with pom-poms, others with the label visible on the front. There's knitwear, there's corduroy and lambswool. All this to say that the options are countless and you will surely find the one that suits you best.

It's not just now that beanies are linked to urban style. They are simple, casual, practical, warm and, at the same time, versatile and capable of making any outfit unique. However, you may have already noticed that there are several ways of wearing them. As a reference in Street Style Culture, we couldn't help but make you a small guide with the different ways to wear your beanie.

The style of beanie you choose will influence the way you can wear it. The most basic and intuitive way is to wear your beanie all the way down. That is, tight and to the size of your head. Shorter beanies are ideal for this shape, as some even allow you to wear with your ears uncovered if you want.


Another way to wear it is to let the beanie stand up on top of your head. For this, you need a stiffer model with more structure, which stands up when you fit it just on top of the scalp. This way of wearing it makes your hair and beanie stand out more.

However, if you're not so extreme and prefer a relaxed style, you can go for an option with some fabric folded over the back of your neck. To do this, simply fit the beanie at the top of your forehead, letting the fabric fall over the back of your neck, overlapping it. If, on the other hand, you prefer the extra relaxed look, just do the same with a long beanie and let the fabric bunch up in the nape of your neck. This was David Beckham's favourite way of wearing his beanies for many years.

Finally, you can place your beanie just at the back of your head, almost as if it's just lying there. Set an imaginary line further back from your hairline and place your beanie there. You need to be careful that it doesn't fall out, and you can always secure it with some bobby pins so you don't have to think about it all the time. This is also a good option for those who want to give their hair more emphasis, without adding volume.


There are many ways to wear your favourite beanie and I'm sure we've forgotten about some of them. Share with us your tricks and find your next purchase on our site. Choose your new beanie well and show who you are. Express yourself in style!

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