Launch: Nike Peaky Ready Pack

09 November 2023

Launch: Nike Peaky Ready Pack

Launch: Nike Peaky Ready Pack

In a spectacular colour combination, the long-awaited new Nike Peaky Ready Pack has arrived at Bazar Desportivo. Designed to elevate the performance of top players like you, this new launch comes in Nike's four main boot models: Mercurial, Phantom GX and Tiempo, each designed to enhance the specific characteristics of different types of players.

What's more, we can't deny that the main attraction of this pack is undoubtedly its base colour, turquoise to be precise, which combined with the "Fuchsia Dream" purple gives each of these boots an incredible look. It's no wonder it's won over so many fans in such a short space of time, isn't it?

That said, the truth is that from a technological point of view this pack doesn't bring us anything new. However, from a visual point of view, it brings us the perfect colour combination for the cold winter months ahead!

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It's no news that the Mercurial is synonymous with speed, performance and achievement. For some reason the world's greatest football stars choose to take to the pitch wearing this iconic Nike model, don't they?

And it was with this in mind that Nike launched the Nike Ready Pack. With the model's well-known technology, this new Mercurial launch arrives ready to elevate the performance of top players like you, while scaring off any opponents you meet on the pitch.

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Phantom GX

Created especially for players who want to dominate the game from start to finish, the Phantom GX feature innovative Nike Gripknit technology, allowing them to provide an unforgettable ball contact experience.

The best part is that this model of boots is now available in the Nike Peak Ready Pack, where they boast a vibrant combination of turquoise and purple colours, taking us to the next level.

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The most traditional paradigm of the Nike philosophy is embodied by the Tiempo. The boots that not only dominate the game, but also hone your skills.

Thus, with their FlyTouch Plus, a soft and lightweight leather that offers an exceptional touch, these boots stand out as the perfect boots for true football lovers.

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Nike. Just do it!

In short, if what you want this season is to play, shine and win, then the Nike Peak Ready Pack is just for you! Designed for different types of players, this new launch from Nike has already won over many fans in the football world.

So, depending on your player profile, tell us: between the Mercurial, the Phantom GX and the Tiempo, which one would you choose? We've already chosen ours, now all that's left is for you!

Discover each model in detail in our online shop and order yours now!

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