New BZR shop in Oporto

07 February 2022

New BZR shop in Oporto

New BZR shop in Oporto

Last february 4th saw the opening of a new BZR shop in the “Invicta” city.

We are proud to be present in the city of Porto to give you the most avant-garde looks of Street Style Culture for you to be always ahead of fashion. We are near Bolhão in Rua Alexandre Braga Nº 70.


Brands such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Carhartt, Lacoste, Fred Perry, The North Face, Vans, Nixon, Herschel and Secrid are in the new BZR shop in Oporto, as well as other major fashion brands.

You will find clothing, footwear and lifestyle accessories for men, women and unisex. You will for sure find something that suits your taste and age!

Discover your best version in style!


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