New Lacoste x Netflix collection: a collaboration not to be missed

19 April 2023

New Lacoste x Netflix collection: a collaboration not to be missed

New Lacoste x Netflix collection: a collaboration not to be missed

To celebrate its 90 years of history, French brand Lacoste has teamed up with Netflix and thus comes the New Lacoste x Netflix Collection.

A collection inspired by pop culture, which aims to celebrate some of Netflix's most successful series.

Thus, this exclusive line that brings together the best of both worlds, fashion and entertainment, presents us with garments inspired by the series "Stranger Things", "Bridgerton", "Lupin", "Money Heist", "The Witcher", "Sex Education", "Shadow and Bone" and "Elite".

This way the famous Lacoste crocodile appears with allusive details to each of these 8 series.

In the case of "Stranger Things", for example, the well-known crocodile that represents the brand gives way to the Demogorgon.

homem com t-shirt branca da lacoste que representa a série stranger things

On the other hand, with regard to the clothes related to the series "Bridgerton", the crocodile appears with a big wig, in homage to Queen Charlotte.

duas mulheres com t-shirt e camisola azul da lacoste que repreenta a série bridgerton

And to give life to the famous thief Arsene Lupin, the Lacoste symbol appears with a black beret, the character's trademark.

In addition, other pieces are also printed in toile de Jouy, with disguised crocodiles navigating between the streaming platform's signature graphics.

homem e mulher com t-shirt verde da nova coleção lacoste x netflix

The New Lacoste x Netflix Collection is for everyone

Evidently, the choice of these 8 series was not for nothing. The values they convey and the diversity of their audiences were decisive points in choosing these big hits from the streaming service.

mulher e homem com r-shirts e polo da nova coleção lacoste x netflix

This way, through this New Lacoste x Netflix Collection, both brands aim to speak to all generations and cater to all tastes. And so, they promise to stay true to their democratic vision of the world, managing with this collaboration to delight adventure lovers, romance fans, teen series enthusiasts and fiction aficionados.

A collection of icons

The iconic and genderless New Lacoste x Netflix Collection has been revisited according to the universe of the eight series of the streaming service.

,ulher sentada em sofá com leque na mão  vestida com roupa da série bridgerton da nova coleção lacoste x netflix

In this way, polo shirts, accessories, t-shirts, sweatshirts and tracksuits are part of this new wardrobe, which is positioned halfway between sports and fashion. And for the occasion, the well-known Lacoste crocodile has been dressed up in the clothes of the Netflix characters and is embroidered or applied to all the garments of the line.

This is a collaboration not to be missed, able to give fans of both brands the opportunity to reinforce their love for their favourite series and their favourite clothing brand, simultaneously and with their personal style.

From screen to real life

dois homens e uma mulher com roupa da nova coleção lacoste x netflix

Finally and as part of the collaboration, for this New Lacoste x Netflix Collection, videos were created that present the Crocodile in a world that mixes the Lacoste universe with the codes of the various series of the streaming platform.

Thus, dressed in Lacoste x Netflix clothing, these fictional characters go beyond the 'Netflix & chill' uniform.

In this way, these are clothes designed to be worn anywhere and in a variety of ways.

Visit our online shop and find all the available garments of the New Lacoste x Netflix Collection now.

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