Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo: Come fall in love!

28 October 2022

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo: Come fall in love!

Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo: Come fall in love!

Currently, there are several models of sneakers that Nike presents in the fashion and sports market. However, and as it happens with all brands, regardless of the sector, there are always the models that stand out the most, as is the case of the Nike Blazer.

Although running was the first sport that Nike bet on, namely because its founder loved running, in the early 70's basketball became the sport of the time, starting to grow significantly, and so, there were many brands that tried to enter this market.

Thus, Nike could not miss this market opportunity. So, in order to expand its audience, it went ahead and created its first basketball trainers, first put on sale in 1973: the Nike Blazer.

Nike Blazer: the origin of the name

Through the name given to these trainers, Nike Blazer, Nike wanted to pay homage to the Portland Blazers, a basketball team founded in 1970. This is because Nike, formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, was founded in the city of Portland.

portland blazers basketball team in the 70s

In addition, Portland is also the birthplace of Phil Knight, founder of the Nike company, so there would be no better club to pay this tribute to.

The Nike Blazer Mid design

basketball players with the nike blazer mid in the 70's dry

When it comes to basketball footwear, both the design and materials of the Nike Blazer Mid trainers were considered the best any NBA player could have, back then.

Their mid-length shaft helped players to be able to protect the ankle part and their vulcanised midsole, considered at the time already one of the best options, supported the protection of the sole of the foot and contributed to a better grip on the floor.

Who wore the Nike Blazer Mid?

George Gervin with the nike blazer mid

The Nike Blazer Mid have gained great recognition, thus becoming extremely popular thanks to some reference basketball players, who decided to wear them during their games.

Therefore, among the many professional players who have worn the Nike Blazer Mid during games, George Gervin stands out, who played with them in the NBA at the time he belonged to the San Antonio Spurs.

Nike Blazer Mid and Nike Blazer Low

nike blazer low and nike blazer mid shoes

The Nike Blazer Mid also came to revolutionize the way low-top trainers, the well-known Nike Blazer Low, were designed.

In turn, the Blazer Low are practically the same as the Blazer Mid, differing only by not having the high ankle-cap.

The big trend of the moment: Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo

nike blazer mid 77 jumbo shoes

Although they keep the essence of the classic and original Nike Blazer basketball trainers, the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo stands out as being a sneaker that never goes unnoticed; not only for its aesthetics but also for the resistance and comfort they give.

What does the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo bring us of new?

logo, front and sole of the nike blazer mid 77 jumbo sneakers

As far as the great new things that the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo bring us, we can point out the inclusion of the reinforced heel, implemented with a corduroy texture that favours a higher degree of elasticity of the model.

In addition, the practical and large-format cleats present on the back of the sneakers, as well as the very design of their tongue allow you to put on and take off the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo very easily and quickly.

Additionally, the Nike Swoosh logo, inserted in extra-large size, gives these sneakers a distinctive touch.

Besides, their outsole, which refers to the herringbone pattern in relief, is composed of solid and durable rubber, which allows you to maximise the model's classic aesthetics and guarantee a great level of traction in every movement.

Other interesting features of the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo:

nike blazer mid 77 jumbo white with orange logo

Heavily padded tongue with thick, exposed foam;

Thick thread at seams;

Oversized lace fabric;

Large loops in the heel area;

Fabric, Nike's house brand;

Variety of colours to match different looks.

Reasons why you should buy a Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo

man with the nike blazer mid 77 jumbo trainers and orange shirt off the shoulders

We don't need to say that the Nike Blazer Mid 77 Jumbo are a basic that shouldn't be missing in your wardrobe, right?

Besides their fantastic history, these sneakers are the ideal footwear for you to wear with style and functionality. Designed for different occasions, with an authentic design that never goes unnoticed, the 77 Jumbo match with different looks.

What about you? Are you also in love with the Blazer Jumbo?

Visit our online shop and discover the options we have for you!

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