Skateboarding culture: fun as a way of life

03 May 2021

Skateboarding culture: fun as a way of life

Skateboarding culture: fun as a way of life

The day started out cloudy. Rain is forecasted, but that doesn't put us off. Today is a day for shooting skate style looks. With everything ready, we get in the car and a decision is made: we're going to a car park.It's not a skate park (because here in the area they're all outdoors), but it's the ideal alternative to use as a backdrop.  We'll find a more underground and rebellious style, which allows us to bring out the skate culture vibe.

It was in California that skate culture was born. It emerged as an alternative to surfing, for the days when the sea wasn't appealing. It was, in essence, like surfing on land. The boards evolved, as did the wheels, until a culture developed from a mere way of getting around.

Skateboarding brought a freedom that surfing didn't allow. On the board you didn't have to work with what nature gave. Rather, you could be independent, make your own decisions, challenge yourself and make different moves.

Although skater culture developed during the 60s and 70s, it was only in the 90s that it started to gain importance globally. Moving forward in the tape to the present day, you can see that 90s fashion is back in full force. They are practical, comfortable and relaxed clothes, with a touch of anti-authoritarianism, especially because in skate culture everyone is equal and there is no hierarchy.

The skate culture is rooted in society, both for those who play the sport and for those who simply identify with the style. You no longer need to know how to do an ollie or a kickflip to be able to use and abuse skateboarding style. In fact, the influence of skate culture on pop culture is more about attitude and lifestyle than the sport itself. Being a skater means being creative, taking risks and having freedom. And that mentality didn't stop at sport. It has also slipped into music and fashion.

Finding the perfect skater style isn't difficult. Just take a few key pieces. Baggy graphic T-shirts, cargo trousers or shorts and some Vans or Converse and you're ready to get on your skateboard. Easier said than done, don't worry! We'll show you how to pair a few pieces and tell you everything you need to know to add the right pieces to your wardrobe.

T-shirt + Hoodie

With summer approaching, let's start with t-shirts. Oversized, loose, plain or with graphics, the T-shirt is a piece you can't miss. As well as being easy to wear, baggy T-shirts give you great freedom of movement and are comfortable. If you want to follow the skater style even more closely, look for round neck T-shirts.

For the cooler days you have two options. Either bet on layers or a hoodie. If you want to follow current trends, we recommend layering: an open shirt or jacket over a t-shirt. The hoodie is also a safe choice and perhaps more suitable for colder days. Ideally as wide as t-shirts, the hooded sweatshirt is not only practical, but also acts as a cushion in case you have a fall. It can make the difference between scratching yourself or getting friction burn when you fall to the ground, or not. And although this tip is more for athletes, it's for everyone because you never know when gravity is going to take its toll. Hoodies are easy to wear and can be used to show more of your personality.

Nowadays the sweatshirt is also a valid option, especially if you think that hoodies were worn in the 90's to hide your face with the hoodie when skaters were in forbidden places.

Trousers+ Shorts

In this department, comfort and freedom are the rule. If you wear clothes that are too tight you won't be able to move around enough to do the stunts and if you wear clothes that are too loose you won't have the dexterity. Cargo trousers and straight trousers are the best option. For the perfect skater touch, choose a cropped model, up to the heel or with elastic cuffs. If you opt for shorts, for the hottest days, look for wide models up to the knee, with or without pockets.


As it couldn't be otherwise, nobody talks about skateboarding without talking about Vans. It was the sport for which they were created. With a flat and wide sole, trainers have to be comfortable and durable, regardless of the brand. Vans, Converse and DC are brands that are often found on the feet of skaters.


Last but not least, we have the accessories. Although skater style is more about practicality than fashion, it's the accessories that will make the difference. We're talking about socks, hats and bags.

Whether you choose a total skater look or prefer to mix it up with a more casual, contemporary style, remember one thing. In skate culture, the universal language is fun. In fashion and in life, it should be too. Have fun putting your looks together.

Carhart, Dickies, Vans, Converse and DC. Find out the looks we used in this session here.

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