The greatest legends of Portuguese football

18 November 2022

The greatest legends of Portuguese football

The greatest legends of Portuguese football

With the World Cup coming up and the whole country eager to see our national team win the World Cup title, there is nothing better than to go back in time and remember the greatest legends of Portuguese football.

Thus, it should be noted that Portuguese football is full of stars, who over the years have been making history on behalf of the country. Proof of this are some of the competitions in which the country has occupied prominent positions, such as the 1966 World Cup in which it finished in 3rd place, the 1984 European Championship in which it reached the semi-finals, the Euro 2004 in which it finished in 2nd place and, more recently, the Euro 2016, where we won the title of European champion.

Thus, and in order to enter this World Cup on a high note, next we will talk about the path, history and impact of 5 of the greatest legends of Portuguese football.


eusébio o pantera negra

As one of the greatest legends of Portuguese football, and even of world football, we have Eusébio, or as many call him, the Black Panther.

Born on 25 January 1942, Eusébio showed his talent from an early age. With a football career that lasted 23 years, the Black Panther began his journey in the world of football in 1957 and remained until the early 1980s.

As one of the greatest players of all time, the Black Panther was the top scorer of the Portuguese league seven times, won five Portuguese cups and 11 championships with Benfica.

However, as a player of the Portuguese national team, the Black Panther was also a prominent figure during the 1966 World Cup. Not only did he lead the team to the semi-finals, but he was also the top scorer of that World Cup.

Nevertheless , the biggest awards of his career came when he won the Golden Ball in 1965 and two Golden Boots, in 1968 and 1973, respectively, which made him the top scorer of the European leagues.

Although Eusébio passed away in 2014, his talent made such an impression on all Portuguese people that his milestone is still remembered today and proudly recounted from generation to generation by all Lusitanian people.

Fernando Chalana

fernando chalana a jogar pela seleção portuguesa

Known as the "little genius" and considered by many the greatest figure of Benfica football after Eusébio, Fernando Chalana joined Benfica at the age of 15, first as a player, during 13 seasons, 1974-84 and 1987-90, and later as a technical element.

Chalana made a significant mark on national football in the 1980s, when he stood out as the star player.

However, it was at the 1984 European Championship in France that the whole of Europe took notice of Chalana, which led to him starring in the first galactic transfer in Portuguese football, when he was transferred for 300 thousand escudos to Bordeaux.

Chalana returned to Luz in 1987 and stayed there until 1990, before finishing his playing career with Belenenses in 1990-91 and Estrela da Amadora in 1991-92.

As a coach, the Portuguese football star returned to Benfica, where he held positions in 2002-03 and 2007-08.

In recent years it was public knowledge that the "little genius" had health problems, and he passed away in August this year.

Paulo Futre

paulo futre na decada de 80

Considered the best Portuguese player of the 80's, Paulo Futre was undoubtedly one of the greatest stars that Portuguese football knew between the time of Eusébio and the brilliance of Luís Figo.

Paulo Futre's journey in the football world began in 1974 and lasted until 1998, when he ended his career as a footballer with the Japanese team Yokohama Flugels.

However, throughout his career, Paulo Futre wore the jersey for several national and international teams such as Sporting, FC Porto, Benfica, Atletico Madrid and AC Milan.

Thus, Paulo Futre has won awards that make him one of the great stars of the time in world football. In 1987, he was 2nd place as the best player in the world and in the 1985-86 and 1986-87 seasons he won the best player award of the Portuguese National Football Championship.

Luís Figo

Another figure who stands out as one of the greatest legends of Portuguese football is Luís Figo.

Winner of the Golden Ball in 2000, Luís Figo wore the jersey for national clubs such as Sporting, where he started his career, and for international clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan where he played as a winger.

Luís Figo also played 127 games and scored 32 goals with the Portuguese national team.

However, it was in 2009 that Luís Figo ended his career as a footballer. Despite running for the FIFA presidency, the football star eventually withdrew his candidacy to support Gianni Infantino.

Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo a jogar pelo manchester united e pela seleção portuguesa e a celebrar em ambos em campo

If we're talking about the greatest legends of Portuguese football it's impossible not to mention the man who has undoubtedly been the best in the world throughout all time, the great CR7.

Considered an eminence in world football, Cristiano Ronaldo began his career in 2001, at Sporting, where he remained until 2003.

However, it was also in 2003 that he caught the attention of Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United, who signed the Portuguese star for 15 million euros, where he won several titles on behalf of the club.

Besides all the titles won on behalf of Manchester United, in 2008 Cristiano Ronaldo also became the second player to win the FIFA World Player of the Year award, the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball in the same season.

However, in 2009, CR7 was transferred to Real Madrid, where he remained until 2018 and where he also continued to make history.

In 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus, who paid €100 million for the player.

In 2021, Manchester United announced the return of the world's best to the team after 12 years.

However, in addition to all the titles won by the clubs he has joined, CR7 has also won titles for the national team, including the European Champions title.

In addition, the captain of the national team also has 5 Golden Balls and 4 Golden Boots and is recognized worldwide as the best player of all time.

Qatar World Cup 2022

Finally, and after remembering the career and history of 5 of the greatest legends of Portuguese football, it's time to focus and go big in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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