The Independent cult

12 November 2021

The Independent cult

The Independent cult

It's not the first time we've told you about a brand linked to Skate culture, but this is perhaps the one with the most fans behind it. The Independent Truck Company is from NHS Fun Factory, which also owns Santa Cruz, among other brands. It started by producing only skateboard trucks and now has a clothing and accessories segment.

In case you didn't know, trucks are metal pieces screwed to the skateboard deck, where the wheels are mounted. In 1978 the founders of Independent, Richard Novak, Jay Shiurman, Fausto Vitello and Eric Swenson, realised there were no quality trucks being made and decided to invest. Essentially, they brought together the minds behind Santa Cruz and Thrasher magazine, highly regarded within the field, to perfect one of the most fundamental parts of all skateboards.

Independent Truck Company

Also known as 'Indy', the American brand's motto is "Built to Grind". Since its inception, Independent has attracted true fanatics of the sport, with some great skaters today preferring to use vintage trucks from Independent rather than new brands.

The evolution of 'Indy' took place in stages. The stages were numbered in ascending order and each one corresponded to a new model. They started in 1978 with a model that combined the turnaround of a Bennett with the modern durability and fit of a Tracker. The biggest change to the trucks came in 1993, in phase five, when Independent started placing the trucks more towards the centre of the deck, increasing stability and decreasing the possibility of the truck colliding with the kerbs.

Independent Truck Company

The second big change happened in 2003, with stage nine, when the models started to be designed digitally. Since then the quality has dropped a bit, which is the reason why many people are willing to give good money for older 'Indy' trucks.

Despite its success, the Independent was for many years mired in controversy because of its logo. Based on the iron cross, due to its use by surfers and bikers in the 1960s, the original Indy logo is a rounded cross. For a long time this cross appeared on all the brand's products, but many people compared the Independent logo to the cross the Nazis used on their uniforms. However, the brand decided to use it anyway after seeing the Pope wearing the same cross on the cover of Time magazine. If the father of the Church could do it, so could they.

Independent Truck Company

However, the controversy was never abated and in 2020 the brand changed its logo, opting to slowly phase out the old one. Today, the Independent is symbolised by a more lozenge-like shape with the brand name inside. 

The 'Indy' team follows the motto K.I.S.S- Keep it Simple Stupid and creates practical, timeless and stylish clothing. Get to know the brand on our website and get carried away with this independent feel.

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