The North Face of the most mainstream mountain ever

03 January 2022

The North Face of the most mainstream mountain ever

The North Face of the most mainstream mountain ever

The North Face has been making people talk for over 50 years. It started out as a technical brand for mountain sports and has now invaded the streets and streetstyle outfits. It's not just now that various luxury technical brands have entered the fashion scene. With the arrival of movements such as Outdoor, CottageCore and Technical Athleisure, garments that used to be seen exclusively as sporty and technical have become part of the wardrobes of enthusiasts looking for style and comfort.

The North Face products first leapt from the mountains to the streets in the 1990s with the Steep- Tech and Nutpse jackets, which went on to be worn by New York teenagers. Years later, the Denali jacket repeated the feat, making it almost impossible to go to any American school campus without seeing at least one The North Face jacket.

To continue appealing to the non-sporting public, the brand has launched collaborations with major brands over the years. We're talking Supreme, Maison Margiela, Junya Watanabe, Raeburn, Brain Deadm Extra Butter and, more recently, Gucci and KAWS. In addition, The North Face has created an exclusive line for Japan, The North Face Purple Lable, which focuses on designs designed with the city in mind.

The North Face

This all brings us to today and the capsule collections that the brand currently presents. In one of them, there are models that have returned with a new life, as with the Nutpse, the Denali and the Hymalyan. All jackets that have returned through the campaign "More than a jacket", designed to celebrate the brand's most significant models.

Ever wondered when a jacket stops being just that? That's exactly what The North Face has done in its latest campaign. Is a jacket more than just a garment when it protects you from a storm? Or is it when it protects you from an unexpected cold day? Or when you take a trip out into the snow and the jacket helps you stand out in photos? "A jacket is more than a jacket when it's filled with memories, when it protects you, when it makes the difference between a good and a bad experience," is the conclusion the brand has reached and which you can read at the beginning of the brand's athletes' testimonials about their favourite jackets.

Did you know that the Hymalyan jacket evolved from the suits that mountaineers wore to climb Everest? Updated to keep up with current trends, this jacket has high-performance technologies that bring the same kind of protection. The Nutpse, meanwhile, with its goose feather filling, retains its design that, despite being almost 30 years old, never goes out of fashion.

The North Face

Another The North Face highlight of the moment is the Trans-Antarctica capsule. In this collection, the brand dived into its archives, celebrating the original edition that recalled the crusade to Antarctica in the 90s. As could not be otherwise, this capsule brings back details taken from the original version, but also integrates new elements, such as recycled fabrics and DryVent technology. As you can see, the American brand is more than what is on the surface. There are retro styles, but also modern, urban and utilitarian.


Never Stop Exploring


The North Face story began, oddly enough, near the beach, at an altitude of about four and a half metres above water level. In 1966, a couple, Douglas and Susie Tompkins, decided it was time to invest in their passion for mountaineering. Although they only ran the company for two years, the couple left embedded in the company the ideology "Never Stop Exploring". Today, The North Face is part of the VF Corporation, which also owns Timberland and Eastpak.

Although the brand started with a small shop, today, The North Face is internationally known for its quality products for climbing, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, and more. The brand prides itself on equipping all types of explorers, breaking the boundaries of innovation with its diverse technologies.

The North Face

This is precisely where The North Face's sustainable commitments come in. With the brand being very much geared towards outdoor physical activity, it makes perfect sense for it to show concern for the impact it has on the environment. To that end, The North Face seeks to be sustainable from start to finish, with the use of recycled materials, extending the life of its equipment and reusing materials to avoid waste. Thus, the American brand has three programmes to meet its goals: Limited Warranty, Renewed Collection and Looped Clothing.

The North Face may have earned its name in homage to the north side of Half Dome Mountain in Yosemite, California, as this is the colder, icier side and better suited for climbing. However, the brand's products couldn’t be warmer and more comfortable, leaving you ready for any adventure. Discover all the products we have available on our website and start today your adventures, whether they are in nature or in the city.

The North Face

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