The Sanjo's sneakers phenomenon is back

28 February 2022

The Sanjo's sneakers phenomenon is back

The Sanjo's sneakers phenomenon is back

The new old brand that started in 1933 returns to continue creating stories on the feet of the Portuguese people.

There is a brand that completely shaped the design and identity of the Portuguese official footwear - Sanjo. It was a true phenomenon in the 50s, 60s and 70s! You know those old sports photographs, right? You can find Sanjo sneakers on several feet in photographs of that time.

Now is time for you to ask: how did a brand like Sanjo disappeared? It was due to the opening of imports and the strong competition from international sports brands that arrived in Portugal.

It went through difficult times, but in 2019 it was bought by a business group from Braga and they reinvented themselves. Now that Sanjo is back, you already have the opportunity to wear one of the most iconic sports footwear brands of the 20th century.

And speaking of reinventing, we have to show you the big Spring Summer 22 launch - Heritage Echoes: a faithful reproduction of Sanjo's basketball heritage with a retro aesthetic that will surprise you.

In addition to the design managing to mix traditions and, pay avant-garde homage to a sports icon, they are vegan, sustainable, sunlight resistant and unisex, with sizes from 35 to 45 in various colours: black, green and red

K100 OG

The K100 model is what made Sanjo so famous in Portugal, so we really must let you know.



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