The world of Eastpak
Back to School

10 September 2021

The world of Eastpak

The world of Eastpak

It's your choice! That's how we started talking about this back-to-school season and that's how we keep showing you this year's Eastpak backpacks. We've already told you about some partnerships of the brand with other names like Peanuts and Rubik, but Eastpak's offer is so big that we still have more collaborations to show you. Let's get to it!

As you might imagine, the model we have the most from Eastpak is the Padded Pak'r. With an arched aesthetic, this backpack is one of the most famous among youngsters. They exist in various colours and in different fabrics. Some plain, others patterned. Some are simple, others are exuberant. Besides the Padded Pak'r, you also have other backpacks like Pinnacle or Out of Office and Springer fanny packs, which may or may not match your backpack, so that you can carry everything you need during breaks.

However, there are versions of the models that deserve to be highlighted for their collaborations. The first one we bring you has been made in collaboration with Liberty London. Located in one of the busiest areas of London, Liberty London is a luxury products shop. Founded by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1875, the English brand is known for its patterned fabrics. And that's exactly what you'll find from Eastpak's backpacks: the iconic Liberty London floral and cashmere prints.

Eastpak Warhol Liberty London

There are a total of four patterns available with Art Nouveau inspirations. They adorn the Padded Pak'r, the Springer fanny pack and also a Tranverz S. While we're on the subject of art, we move on to the next collaboration, which this time you'll only find at Springer and the Padded Pak'r.

For the fourth time, Eastpak has decided to celebrate the life and work of the famous Pop-Art artist Andy Warhol. This partnership, in specific, is a tribute to the famous work 'Colored Campbell's Soup Can' from 1965. The fanny packs in this collection are made with a special waterproof fabric and can be found in mint green, carrot orange and tomato red. Out of curiosity, did you know that Warhol himself was often seen wearing a Padded Pak'r?

From art we move on to colour and joy. That's what arrives from Brazil with the Havaianas X Eastpak collaboration. Infused with the positivism and youthfulness of the Havaianas Brasil collection flip-flops, Eastpak's backpacks arrive in the colours of the Brazilian country's flag. Green for the breathtaking forests, blue for the infinite sea and yellow for the great sands. With a black base, you'll find Padded Pak'r and Springer models with more or less colour and with the logos of both brands. On the backpack there's even a mesh pocket on the side to keep your flip-flops.

Eastpak Havaianas

The last collaboration this year is with Dickies. It may seem unlikely, but the aim was really to cross the famous backpacks with the fabric of the American brand. The Padded Pak'r backpack has been redesigned with twill fabric, triple stitching and a red and black checkered lining. It's a tribute to America's heritage, Eastpak's functionality and Dickies' rugged utility. This is an inevitable and surefire collaboration as the two brands are currently owned by the VF Corporation, which also owns The North Face and Vans.


Pride in DNA

Eastpak already has almost 70 years of history. It began as Monte Goldman's Eastern Canvas Products in 1952. The founder wanted to produce heavy-duty backpacks and bags for the US Army, but eventually came to the attention of hunters and fishermen because of its quality gear. However, that all changed in 1976 when his son Mark convinced Goldman to make backpacks for his university classmates. This was the birth of Padded Pak'r and the Eastpak brand.

Inspired by street culture and the world of art, music, fashion and urban sports, Eastpak was the first brand to use cordura, a very strong variant of nylon. The backpacks became so strong and durable that the company adopted the motto 'built to resist'. To this day, this is still one of the distinguishing features of Eastpak, which has a 30-year warranty against defects in material or manufacturing problems.

Eastpak Dickies Liberty London

Get lost on our website as you search for your new Eastpak, either from an exclusive collection of the brand or one of the collaborations we've told you about. It's an easy bet that never fails. Welcome to another back to school season!


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