The Zipper collection from Adidas Originals

16 November 2021

The Zipper collection from Adidas Originals

The Zipper collection from Adidas Originals

Zipper, slide fastener or just zip. These are three different terms to refer to the same thing. It might not make much sense yet, but throughout this post you'll understand the prominent role that a small zip can have on a garment.

Adidas Originals has been presenting many novelties for the Autumn/Winter season and that's where today's theme comes from. As everyone should know, zippers are used to join two pieces of fabric, momentarily, in a quick and easy way. They can be used in various objects, such as accessories, footwear, clothing, tents, among others. They are, basically, a common presence in our day-to-day life.

Zips came to rival buttons about 200 years ago. With time, in addition to the ease and speed of use, zippers began to have an aesthetic function and not only a functional one.

Adidas Originals

There are many advantages to using zips, but on an aesthetic level they are appealing thanks to their symmetry. The harmony of the zipper teeth arranged continuously one after the other makes it interesting, breaking the monotony that often exists in clothes.

As we have already said, zips can be used on any type of clothing. When they are used beyond their normal functionality, zips increase the visual impact of the garment in question. That's exactly what happens in the new Adidas Originals collection. When added to the design of the garments, zip fasteners allow you to change the garment according to the style you want at the moment.

In this collection, you will find trousers, leggings, dresses, skirts, t-shirts and jackets that have the power to transform, thanks to the zips. In addition to already having a different look just by the existence of the zips themselves, the zip detail will let you choose between a more relaxed garment and a sexier one. Take as examples the Zipped dress and the Midi skirt. By tightening the zips, you'll get a garment that fits tighter to your body, thus diminishing the original oversized style.

Adidas Originals

The use of zips in fashion makes any dull garment more irreverent and interesting, as is the case of the Zipped t-shirt, the Zipped leggings, the Track trousers and the Zipped shirt. In fact, it was in 1935 at the hands of Elsa Schiaparelli that the zipper started to have a use beyond the functional. In her winter collection, the designer used the zip as an accessory, almost fetish-like, and was recognised for her avant garde thinking - ahead of its time.

Since then the image of the zip has evolved, proven by this new collection from Adidas Originals. The garments we show you today take vibes from the punk and rock and roll movements, especially through the Cargo trousers and the Fauxy Bomber jacket, which imitates leather. In these cases, the zips work as an eye-catcher, emphasizing certain details.

In classic colours, like black and raw, this Adidas Originals collection has everything to make you stand out. They are simple garments, at first glance, but full of differentiating details. Explore all the zips and rediscover your style with the German brand.


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