Top 6: Carhartt WIP beanies

04 November 2022

Top 6: Carhartt WIP beanies

Top 6: Carhartt WIP beanies

When we talk about winter accessories that never go out of fashion, we quickly come to mind Carhartt's beanies.

Originating in 1987 and currently existing in various shapes and colours, Carhartt's beanies are undoubtedly one of the brand's star products. An accessory easily combined with different styles and tastes, these beanies stand out not only for the comfort they provide on cold winter days but also for the authenticity and elegance they add to any look.

However, we believe that to understand the role of Carhartt's beanies in the world of fashion, or any other accessory or garment, it is important to first understand a little better the history of the brand.


hamilton carhartt

Founded in 1889 by entrepreneur Hamilton Carhartt WIP, the origin of the brand Carhartt is marked by its focus on the production of work uniforms for farmers and machinists.

However, and because it is a brand that has always been concerned with keeping up with and understanding the needs of the market, Carhartt has continued its expansion, standing out today as one of the most celebrated and classic brands in the fashion world.

Proof of this are the countless celebrities who have been wearing the brand from an early age and the countless people who in their daily lives fill the streets with Carhartt WIP fashion.

Carhartt WIP: the '90s trend

With large cuts and robust fabrics, it's not new that Carhartt's clothes aptly match the image ideals that largely underpinned 90s hip hop.

The truth is that few brands achieved such widespread appeal in the ghettos of New York as Carhartt WIP, which caught the attention of several leading figures of the era, such as rapper Tupac, for example.

tupac in the 90's wearing carhartt

Carhartt WIP: the trend of today

As far as today is concerned, the brand Carhartt WIP is still very influential in the fashion world. Proof of this are the celebrities who wear the brand and have declared themselves fans of it, like Kanye West and ASAP Rocky, for example.

asap rocky dressing up carhartt with rihanna and kanye west dressing up carhartt with kim

The truth is that whether for the balance and contrast of eccentricity or for the simple authenticity it confers, Carhartt WIP is, from early on and to this day, the brand of choice not only of celebrities but also of countless people around the world.

Carhartt's Top 6 beanies: the fashion of every Winter

A must-have accessory for many, Carhartt WIP beanies are certainly the accessory that assiduously follows every winter's trends.

Available in various colours and models, at BZR x Bazar Desportivo you can find the Carhartt WIP beanie that best fits your style.

1. Carhartt WIP Acrylic Watch Beanie

woman with beige beige beige by carhartt

A Carhartt WIP staple, the Acrylic Watch beanie is crafted from a warm acrylic fabric with stretch mesh that gives you the comfort, fit and confidence you need to achieve your winning style.

Simple, versatile and available in a range of colours from black, green, blue to beige, the Acrylic Watch promises to remain the accessory of choice to keep up with fashion every winter.

2. Carhartt WIP Short Watch Beanie

woman with red hair and brown beanie by carhartt

The Short Watch beanie is an updated version of one of Carhartt's staple pieces, the Acrylic Watch beanie. Made from warm acrylic yarn, the Short Watch is available in 3 different colours (brown, purple and green) and guarantees to deliver with the comfort and fit you need for the coldest winter days.

3. Carhartt WIP Services Beanie

blond man with red service hat by carhartt

The Services beanie is made of 9-gauge knit with acrylic yarn in a stretchy composition and features a graphic logo on the fold.

Available in red, this model from Carhartt WIP promises to highlight different styles, not only for the strength of the colour but also for its simple yet authentic design.

4. Carhartt WIP Script Beanie

woman with white cap Carhartt script and man with black cap

Made of elastic corrugated knit made of recycled polyester yarn mix and acrylic fibres, the Script beanie presents itself as a simple accessory but capable of highlighting different styles.

Featuring the Carhartt WIP logo on the fold, this model from Carhartt WIP is available in white with red logo and black with white logo.

5. Carhartt WIP Anglistic Beanie

man with anglistic carhartt beanie

Crafted from a blend of sheep's wool, cotton and acrylic yarns, the Anglistic beanie stands out with its spotted appearance.

Available in black, purple, green and beige, the Anglistic beanie is the ideal winter accessory for both him and her.

6. Carhartt WIP Chase Beanie

three carhartt chase hats

Made from soft, stretchy knit that promises to provide the right comfort and fit for all who wear it, the Chase beanie is available in black, white and green and features a Carhartt WIP fabric label in yellow, regardless of the colour of the beanie.

The trend that promises to continue

Wearing Carhartt WIP has always been synonymous with authenticity and class.

However, along with the growing recognition of of the brand, demand increased, the quality and purpose of the brand remained the same and obtaining a Carhartt WIP garment became possible for only a few.

In this way, and because of their usability and greatness, Carhartt WIP beanies have become the brand's best-selling basic piece. It is a simple accessory, but easily accessible to anyone who wants to add a touch of class and authenticity to their looks.

Discover all the models of Carhartt WIP beanies that BZR x Bazar Desportivo has for you through our online shop!

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