Trendy footwear for summer 2022

24 June 2022

Trendy footwear for summer 2022

Trendy footwear for summer 2022

We've finally reached the hot season and many are still wearing sneakers. The truth is that they last all year round and it's hard to do without them. However, there are so many options besides sneakers.

We are going to talk about this summer's fashion in flip-flops, sandals and shoes. In short, footwear that continues to make your feet comfortable, stylish and stay cooler.

We are going to show you the brands that your feet will thank you for wearing this summer!

Havaianas is that icon that everyone loves and that no longer has just the traditional flip-flops. It is the brand of flip-flops that you can wear every day and that is suitable for the whole family, given the diversity of the footwear it offers.

There are various colours and models, either in one colour or with designs, with or without platforms, with or without glitter, not to mention the sandals that are a true paradise, and not forgetting the espadrilles that have been a success of the brand. They are light, stylish and comfortable.

Take a peek at this year's collection.

If Havaianas isn't your favourite brand and you prefer shoes with a more attractive price, the best solution is Ipanema, which also offers several options, either sandals or flip-flops, and can fit everyone. The hard part is to choose!

And speaking of slides, we have to tell you about Birkenstock, which are here to stay. They are mega comfortable and look beautiful on the feet. And this goes for all genders. This year they arrived with the trend colours of 2022!

Now, if you are adventurous and you don't know Teva yet, we have to explain you why it is so special!

The brand's creator thought of a summer shoe that is totally versatile, since you can go hiking, walk around the city, go to the beach or explore rivers and waterfalls, without having the risk of slipping, at the same time that you feel comfortable all day long. Plus they are beautiful and look great on any foot.

Continuing this wave of the platform shoes trend, Buffalo has launched sandals on its level. Bold, high and very eye-catching.

What about the famous Crocs? Many love them and many hate them. There is a lot of controversy concerning this brand. What is certain is that it is a brand widely used by the youngest, by children and even by health professionals.


They are indeed super-comfortable and the famous have loved to create new trends with them. You know that you can customize them, which makes them more attractive, and the brand has managed to adapt to fashion with more modern models, now with glitter and platform.

Did you know that the Crocs brand acquired HeyDude recently? That's right, because it is a brand with incredibly comfortable footwear, made with elastic and breathable materials and easy to put on.

It made perfect sense for Crocs to leverage this brand. If you don't know Hey Dude yet, we let you know some models.

Do you already know the brands you're going to choose for your feet this summer?

All the products that we show you are available at


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