Up to five: Jackets for men

30 December 2021

Up to five: Jackets for men

Up to five: Jackets for men

We haven't done an 'Up to Five' in a while. If this is the first time you've seen one or you can't remember how they work anymore, don't worry. Let's recap. In this round-up, we introduce you to our five favourite products of a certain theme. There are no rules. We can mix brands, types of products, trends... Today, taking advantage that we're already in the middle of winter, we decided to do one about jackets.

In this post you will find the latest trends in fashion jackets for men. It is true that our offer of jackets is very varied, but we try to choose the ones that best represent all types of models available. If you are inclined to any of the styles, but prefer other colours or designs, search on our website because you will surely find one there.

Now, let's get down to business. Here's Up to five: jackets!


Dickies Lined Eisenhower Jacket

dickies lined eisenhower jacket

Some people don't like the cold, but it's undeniable that a good jacket gives a new face to any outfit. This becomes even more evident when it comes to the male wardrobe, which is often not as developed as the female one. However, that doesn't mean that there aren't several styles of jackets, according to the personality of each one.

We start with a rather classic option. This jacket from Dickies is the perfect combination of two worlds: style and functionality. This is because it is water-resistant, being also quite warm due to its lining. Another point in its favour is the adjustable tabs at the waist, which allow for a more tailored fit.

Close-fitting, this jacket was thought to highlight the masculine silhouette, not leaving aside the hint of street style that is always necessary.


Nike AirWoven Jacket

Nike AirWoven jacktet

From classic we automatically move to sporty, with this windbreaker from Nike. It may look like an ordinary rain jacket, but it's made with Woven technology, which ensures waterproofness and breathability in wet conditions. It is therefore a rather technical jacket, which brings us to the subject we want to address.

This jacket touches on two of the big trends of the moment. As we have already said, it is quite technical. Well, currently, the athleisure movement is evolving in terms of utility, now evolving into technical athleisure. This new movement is nothing more than technical garments with multiple functions, which can be used in street wearlooks. Typically, clothing that falls into this category has multiple pockets, multiple zips and nylon fabrics, with the aim of making everyday life easier. You'll notice that other suggestions from this 'Up to Five' also fit this trend.

On the other hand, you've probably noticed that this Nike jacket is loose-fitting. In other words, it's oversized. That's the other trend we were talking about. Since the beginning of the lockdown, fashion has turned to the comfortable and, consequently, the wide. That continues to be evident in the new trends for this season, and there is also a big emphasis on broad shoulders and chunkier models, which brings us to the next jacket.


The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket

The north face 1996 retro uptse jacket

Chances are you've already seen this jacket while scrolling through your instagram. The truth is, he's everywhere and it's easy to see why. It very clearly represents the trend we were telling you about earlier of the oversized and bulky. Emphasis, in this case, for the bulky. These are the so-called puffer jackets.

Trends aside, TheNorth Face jackets are always a good bet. This is because they are made with quality materials. The 1996 Retro Nuptse is filled with natural goose down. Certified with the term RDS (ResponsibleDown Standard), this jacket is ethically produced.

The outer layer, on the other hand, is made of nylon and polyester, carrying this jacket into the technical athleisure category. It might even look like you're ready to hit the snow, but the truth is that this season, Ski looks are ready to invade city streets. The cold won't have anywhere to go.


Element Wolfe Jacket

element wolfe jacket

While we're on the subject of jackets that won't let the cold in, we now show you this option from Element. With sherpa on one side and waterproof material on the other, this model is very practical.

It's not the first time that we talk to you about the highlight of sherpa fabric in the Fall/Winter 2021 and 2022 collections. This is just one of the examples that you will find on our website in jacket version. With this Element model, not only will you be wearing one of the biggest trends of the moment, but you'll also have a multi-faceted jacket, perfect for days when it's raining as well as sunny. Above all, these days, you have to be pretty practical.


Carhartt Bode Parka Jacket

carhartt bode parka

We couldn't end this post without bringing you a parka. The truth is that all the jackets we've brought you so far are very warm and practical, but none of them are long. This is where this parka from Carhartt WIP comes in.

Carhartt WIP is known for its pairing of workwear with street style. This jacket represents just that, thanks to its longer, wider cut. It's essentially perfect for wearing over your clothes, without having to worry about whether you'll get wet or not. At least, up to mid-thigh you're assured that water won't get in, thanks to its repellent fabric.

Parkas are often seen as saviours, especially on days with a lot of wind and rain. They are constructed with larger hoods so they can be worn with beanies inside. This one is no exception. The parka in general is a great option to get away from mackintoshes, which usually appeal to fewer people.


EXTRA: Adidas Quilted Primegreen Jacket

Adidas Quilted Primegreen

Yes, that's right. This 'Up to five' has six jackets. Well, five and a half because this Adidas garment is between a jacket and a jumper. This option is for the more practical, who like to be stylish but without having too much trouble.

Made with recycled polyester, cotton and polypropylene, this jacket stands out for its cushioning, protection and warmth. Its lozenge embossing is reminiscent of old blankets, which hark back to the quilt aesthetic. Still remember the creation that looked like a patch blanket that rapper Asap Rocky wore to the Met Gala 2021? This Jacket takes inspiration from those references, without ever losing practicality.

All the suggestions we've given you have pretty basic colours, with black reigning. Now it's up to you. From here onwards, you can go looking for the colours and even the patterns that have more to do with you. The New Year is almost here and we're sure you want to start it in the best way and in the best style.

A Cool Twenty-two 2 You!


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