Mother Knows best!

27 April 2021

Mother Knows best!

Mother Knows best!

Every mom deserves to feel special. After we've suggested matching footwear and gifts that children can give their moms, it's time to speak directly to moms! Warriors outside and inside the home, we challenge mothers to give a gift to themselves. To that end, we bring you four suggestions you're sure to like.

1- Liu.Jo

Coming from Italy is Liu.Jo, a brand dedicated to women and their beauty. With elegant and irreverent designs, the brand remains faithful to tradition and Italian style, combining sophistication and comfort.

See here all the models we have available.


2- Gant

Still within the footwear, we suggest you Gant sneakers. Used to sophistication and quality, Gant has several models from the sportiest to the classiest.

See here Gantís models.


3- Nixon watches

From shoes we move on to accessories. Born in California, Nixon is a premium brand of watches, with iconic and contemporary designs.

In rose gold, silver or patterned, Nixon watches are water resistant and add style to any outfit. Check out all the models we have available.


4- Handbags

And to finish beautifully, we couldn't forget one of the most fundamental accessories for women: the handbag. On your shoulder, in your hand or on your back. Each woman has her own favourite way of using it. Therefore, our suggestion includes a wide variety of bags and backpacks. With several brands such as Playground, Eastpack, Havaianas, Lacoste and Nike available on our site, we highlight Adidas, especially the collection made in collaboration with HER Studio London.

Our suggestions stop here. Now it's up to you. Mother knows best! Choose your gift at

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