There's only one mother

29 April 2021

There's only one mother

There's only one mother

Let's recap. We've already talked about shoes that mother and son/daughter can wear and match. We've already talked about tips on what you can offer your mother. We've already talked about tips on what mums can give themselves. There's only one thing left: mother's day looks, so you can have a more stylish day.

Levi's, Fred Perry, Lacoste, New Balance, Vans and Adidas. We made a selection of the best for the best mum.

1- Levi's and New Balance

Classic with a casual touch. This outfit combines the casualness of the new New Balance 237 with the undeniable quality of the classic black Levi's rise belt trousers and the T-shirt with blue floral accents.


2- Levi's and Vans

With a touch of skater style, thanks to the Vans Sk8-Hi Platform 2.0, this look is more casual and relaxed. The combination of the Vans with the Levi's trousers and T-shirt forms a retro look with 90's inspirations.


3- Lacoste, Levi's and Adidas

This is one of the most classic looks that we will suggest. The Lacoste polo with the Levi's skinny jeans match perfectly with the classic Stan Smith. This Adidas model, besides being produced with more sustainable materials, it has golden details that distinguishes it and make it more elegant. 


4- Fred Perry and Levi's

Because there can't be only outfits with trousers, our last suggestion combines a Fred Perry classic t-shirt and trainers with a Levi's skirt. The presence of pink details on the trainers gives an extra feminine touch to the whole outfit.


And because there’s only one mother,

Happy Mother's Day.

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